Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wrong Emphasis in the Connecticut Post

This letter was sent to The Connecticut Post by David Basch, a member of the PRIMER Board of Directors. Letters to The Connecticut Post are emailed to either or to the editor, Steve Winters.

Dear Editor:

The Connecticut Post editors regularly disappoint as they did today in another photograph today that highlights the suffering of Palestinian Arab children in Gaza that was brought about by the Palestinian Arab leadership. The latter is a fact not mentioned in these sympathetic articles. But if the barbarous rockets aimed at Israeli civilians coming from Gaza would cease, there need not be such suffering.

The choice of the Post editors to distort events and highlight only Arab children as victims and not bell the cat on Arab aggression that brings this about is hardly fair and balanced journalism. Where are at the photos of Jewish children scurrying into bomb shelters?

Similarly, there is no sympathy expressed in the Post for the suffering of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, kidnapped and long held prisoner by the Arabs with no contact allowed with the Red Cross or any neutral authority to confirm whether he is treated decently as a prisoner of war. This kind of inhumane treatment of Israeli prisoners is another reflection of the savagery that is the Arab standard.

I think it occurs because the Arabs believe they can depend on the selective reporting of newspapers like the Post, which only have eyes for the suffering of Arabs brought about by their own leaders -- regularly unmentioned. Our public ought to know the truth about this, not cover ups.

Yours truly,
David Basch

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