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Questions and Answers I

Mazin Qumsiyeh is one of the founders of Al-Awda, an organization devoted to the elimination of Israel. He is also the author of a book, Sharing the Land of Canaan, calling for dhimmitude for Jews in their homeland.

He is also one of the most active anti-Israel activists in Connecticut. Qumsiyeh has a website devoted to maligning Israel and any supporters of the only liberal democracy in the Middle East.

His website contains a section he calls "Questions and Answers," although presently it only contains loaded rhetorical questions.

This post contains the following introduction on his website along with a few of the missing answers, although it's doubtful he will ever incorporate these answers. Future posts will include answers to other questions on this portion of his website.

Questions for US Citizens, for Israelis, for Arabs and Muslims (including Palestinians), and for the rest of the world. These are some of the many, many questions we ponder (I admit a bias to questions leaning towards questioning hypocrisy). I would like to compile more questions and brief answers at my website at

Please send your questions and brief answers to any or all questions to me at Unless you request otherwise, your name will be included in posting your answer).


Question: When Israeli forces murdered US Citizen Rachel Corrie, what was your reaction (action)?

Answer: Rachel Corrie was a supporter of Hamas and other terrorist groups who went into Gaza to help them. One of her activities, besides burning mock American flags at Hamas rallies (see photo), was placing herself between bulldozers and tunnels built for transporting weapons and explosives to terrorists.

During one of her escapades, she slipped and was apparently crushed by rocks.

People like Qumsiyeh like to falsely charge she was murdered by the Israeli operator of the bulldozer, but this is patently absurd.

Aside from the fact that she was out of site of the bulldozer, Israelis are not dumb enough to deliberately kill someone whose death would obviously become a cause celebre for Israel-haters.

Dozens of Americans have been murdered during the terrorist war the Palestinian Authority has waged against Israel, but Rachel Corrie is not one of them. Qumsiyeh is not interested in the Americans who were murdered, apparently because they were all murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists.

Question: We learned in 2006 new facts that show convincingly that Israel’s attack on the US Ship in International waters (USS Liberty) was deliberate and yet our government under the influence of a foreign lobby refuses to address it. What is your thought on what you can do to address this?

Answer: Qumsiyeh is ignoring the recently declassified transcripts of cockpit conversations which prove the Israelis did not know it was an American ship.

This false accusation is also patently absurd for the same reason the false accusation about Rachel Corrie is absurd, unless the Liberty was doing something hostile towards Israel during the war. Qumsiyeh and his ilk, however, do not claim that this American ship was effectively acting as an Egyptian ship.

Question: When you hear politicians speak about American citizens, have you ever considered that America is far larger than the US (incl. North, Central, and South America)?

One wonders whether Qumsiyeh is serious. The United States of America is, indeed, only part of the Americas, but throughout the world it is understood that when one speaks of America or American citizens, one is speaking about the United States of America (as opposed to the United States of Mexico) and citizens of the United States of America.

Question: Do you believe in politician’s promise of "change"? How did we historically have real change (civil rights, ending the war on Vietnam, ending US support for Apartheid South Africa etc)?

It is interesting that Qumsiyeh has listed three areas where the Jewish community took a leading role.

The Jewish community has historically been in the forefront of the battle for human rights. This tradition continues with its strong support for Israel, which despite being at war for all the sixty years since its reestablishment, remains a beacon of liberal democracy in the Middle East.

Question: When Bush visited Yad Vashem, did anyone point out to him or to our media in the US that the remains of the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, inhabitants of which were massacred by some of the folks standing with him in the same building across the valley?

Answer: To this day, nobody knows what really happened at Deir Yassin, other than it was not the peaceful little village it is so often described as being.

It's not surprising that Qumsiyeh neglects to mention any of the numerous massacres of Jews during and even prior to the 1948 War of Independence.

Did Qumsiyeh even bother to check who was with Bush at Yad Vashem? Any present day Israelis who were present at the disputed event, which occurred sixty years ago, would have to be at least eighty years old today. Did Qumesiyeh bother to check whether any of those at Yad Vashem were that old? If there were any present who are that old, did Qumsiyeh bother to check whether they were in any way involved in whatever happened? Or was this just another one of Qumsiyeh's baseless accusations?

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