Monday, January 14, 2008

Syria Condemns Itself

The Syrian Minister of Misinformation did not actual utter the words "We condemn ourselves," but he did say Syria condemned terrorism. Since Syria is one of the world's leading sponsors of terrorism, that is effectively a self-condemnation.

The first of the articles below, in which the Minister of Misinformation condemns terrorism, is from the Syrian Arab News Agency. The second, which reports of Syrian Dictator for Life Bashir Assad telling he will continue to support the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, is from Haaretz.

Minister of Information: Syria Condemns All Forms of Terrorism

Damascus, (SANA - Syrian news agency) - Minister of Information Dr. Mohsen Bilal affirmed on Sunday that Syria condemned all forms of terrorism, including the state terrorism exercised by Israel in the occupied Arab lands.

[We can ignore the false implication about Israel; Bilal claimed Syria condemns terrorism, which implies it condemns those who commit and support terrorism, which implies it condemns itself.]

During his meeting with the participants in the Meeting of Dialogue of Civilizations and Religions which, also attended by Minister of Religious Endowments Mohammad Abdul Sattar al-Sayyed, Dr. Bilal pointed out that some groups in the Western world attempted to distort the image of Islam and link it to terrorism.

He affirmed that Islam was a religion of compassion and tolerance, saying that "a terrorist is a criminal on the human level.and terrorism has no religion or nationality or creed, has nothing to do with Islam."

[Unfortunately, significant numbers of Muslims are currently using their religion as a justification for terrorism.]

The Minister called on the participants in the assembly to relay the true image of safety and national unity of Syria.

For their parts, members of the participating delegation praised the atmosphere of coexistence in Syria, stressing the need to pay attention to the propaganda used by some countries under the instigation and support of Israel, which attempt to distort the image and Islam and link it to terrorism in order to carry out Israeli plots of dominating the entire region.

[Is he actually believing the anti-Semitic propaganda tracts his government is distributing?]

Syrian President vows to keep supporting Hezbollah, Hamas

By Reuters

Syrian President Bashar Assad vowed to keep supporting Hezbollah and Hamas on Wednesday, despite United States pressure on Syria to stop backing the groups, Baath Party members said.

[Confirmation that, while saying it condemns terrorism, Syria supports terrorism.]

According to the party officials, Assad made the comments during a speech at the start of a two-day conference of the ruling Baath Party central command, which is expected to set a date before July for a referendum on the renewal of the president's seven-year term.

"The president was clear that Syria's support for the two movements will continue and that their resistance to regain occupied land was a legitimate right," Baath Party member Mostafa al-Meqdad told Reuters.

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