Saturday, January 26, 2008

Future Fatah Terrorists Begin Training

Palestinian Forces Enter Jordan under U.S. Training Program

Adam Entous (Reuters)

The first battalion of nearly 700 U.S.-screened Palestinian recruits crossed into Jordan on Thursday to begin what officials called "law and order" training under a U.S. program projected to graduate 2,000 men in 2008.

The eventual plan is for a nearly 50,000-member PA gendarmerie in the West Bank.

Abbas's government has launched a security crackdown in parts of the West Bank but say Israeli raids are hurting the effort. Israel has also prevented equipment like body amour and new armored vehicles from reaching Abbas's men.

Our American government never seems to learn. Every group of Palestinian Arabs we've tried training so far has used that training to better murder civilians, yet we keep trying.

The only real question is how many of those being trained will stay with the Tanzim, Al-Aksa Brigades and other Fatah terrorist groups and how many will wind up with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other non-Fatah terrorist groups.

It's also revealing that, even as we train more terrorists for him, Abu Mazen continues to blame Israel for the continued activity emanating from the terrorist infrastructure under the aegis of the Palestinian Authority.

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