Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Polls Again Demonstrate Palestinian Arabs Don't Want Peace With Israel

The following are selected results from Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No. (26). They form a depressing view of the interest of Palestinian Arabs in peace with Israel, as opposed to a peace without Israel an overwhelming majority would undoubtedly support. Comments are added in brackets.

There is a proposal that after the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and the settlement of all issues in dispute, including the refugees and Jerusalem issues, there will be a mutual recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people and Palestine as the state of the Palestinians people. Do you agree or disagree to this proposal?

6.3% Definitely agree
42.7% agree
34.0% disagree
14.5% definitely disagree
2.6% DK/NA

[An optimistic interpretation is that nearly half would agree to some nebulous proposal. More realistic: roughly half would not agree. It only takes a handful of fanatics to make peace impossible. With the hatred that's been indoctrinated into the Palestinian Arabs by their leaders and the continued appeasement of the most violent even by the supposedly "moderate" Abu Mazen, the chances of an agreement being implemented is nil, even in the unlikely event one was reached.]

According to the Saudi plan, Israel will retreat from all territories occupied in 1967 including Gaza the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and a Palestinian state will be established. The refugees problem will be resoved through negotiation in a just and agreed upon manner and in accordance with UN resolution 194 which allows return of refugees to Israel and compensation. In return, all Arab states will recognize Israel and its right to secure borders, will sign peace treaties with her and establish normal diplomaticrelations. Do you agree or disagree to this plan?

7.9% Certainly agree
56.9% agree
23.3% disagree
8.7% Certainly disagree
3.2% DK/NA

[Roughly a third would not agree with a plan that gives the Palestinian Arabs a hundred percent of their alleged demands. This would render even total Israeli surrender to those unreasonable demands insufficient to bring about peace; the implementation of a reasonable compromise is obviously far less likely.]

Generally, do you see yourself as:

68.7% Supportive of the peace process
16.0% Opposed to the peace process
14.7% Between support and opposition
0.6% DK/NA

[Far more Palestinian Arabs support the "peace process" than support peace!

Obviously, they believe the "peace process" isn't about obtaining peace; the only reasonable conclusion is they believe the "peace process" is a useful tool in the quest to destroy Israel.]

And if he succeeds in reaching a permanent agreement on all the issues, does Abbas has the capacity to implement the agreement on the ground?

5.1% certainly yes
37.2% yes
38.8% no
13.0% certainly no
5.8% DK/NA

[A majority of Palestinian Arabs essentially agree it's an exercise in futility for Israel to negotiate with their elected leader.]

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