Sunday, January 13, 2008

Syria Refuses Compensation; Haniyeh Refuses State

These are excerpts from two Arab news agencies, with bracketed comments.

From the Syrian Arab News Agency: General Commission of Palestinian Refugees Refuses Bush's Statement on Compensations

Damascus, (SANA - Syrian Arab News Agency) - The General Commission of Palestinian Refugees announced on Saturday its refusal of US President George W. Bush's statement on compensating Palestinian refugees without affirming their right to return to their homeland from which they were removed since 1948 and onwards.

In a letter sent to UNRWA Commissioner-General Karen AbuZayd, the Commission affirmed the Palestinian refugees' commitment to their right to return to their homeland according the decisions of international legitimacy that guarantee their rights, particularly decision number 194 of 1948.

[The General Commission of Palestinian Refugees is a Syrian agency with which all Arab refugees have to stay registered. In other words, it's an agency charged, among other things, with keeping in limbo the Arabs who were displaced by the 1948 invasion by Syria and others.

Its statement is a reminder that the conflict between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel is just a portion of and indeed a consequence of the conflict between the Arabs and Israel.

By "Palestinian refugees, it is not referring just to refugees but to millions of descendants of refugees.

It is also a misreading of Resolution 194, with which the Arabs, including Syria, refused to abide.

Sixty years after the resolution, the portion about any earliest possible return of refugees to the homes they abandoned, which was always contingent on their returning in peace, is obviously moot.]

From the Maan News Agency: Haniyeh: We will not accept a dwarfed Palestinian state

Gaza - Ma'an - Deposed Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haniyeh announced on Saturday that his vision of a future Palestinian state is not the same as that of US President George W. Bush.

"We will not accept a dwarfed Palestinian state," Haniyeh said.

[Unstated is for Haniyeh, a "dwarfed Palestinian state" means any state that does not result from the destruction of Israel.]

During a celebration honoring the Gazan hajj pilgrims in the Yarmouk playground in Gaza City, Haniyeh stipulated the stoppage of security coordination with the Israelis in the West Bank as a pre-condition for resuming inter-Palestinian dialogue.

Haniyeh also denied that the Palestinian Authority has been channeling any funds into the Gaza Strip. "None of the billions that arrive in Ramallah is spent on the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip, and all claims to the contrary are false," Haniyeh said.

He described the exit of the Gaza Strip Hajj pilgrims through the Rafah crossing as "getting out of the whale's stomach despite those who did not want that to happen."

Haniyeh also thanked all the countries who intervened in securing the pilgrims safe passage through the Rafah crossing. He also thanked the Palestinian community in Saudi Arabia for hosting the pilgrims.

[He is especially thankful for the training Hamas terrorists received and the weapons they smuggled back into Gaza after being allowed to sidestep all the arrangements painstakingly negotiated when Israel turned Gaza completely over to the Palestinian Authority.]

For his part, Ahmad Bahar, the acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council accused the US administration of supporting the Palestinian security services in the West Bank as they did in Gaza Strip before the Hamas take over, in an attempt to create chaos in the Palestinian territories.

[Bahar apparently feels not everyone trained in the so-called "security forces" remains a terrorist.]

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