Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This Wednesday, help our soldiers!

I found this as a message posted on the JewishClubMaoz list, which is hosted by YahooGroups. It was posted by Lee Caplan.

On this Wednesday, 2/1/08, We Remind Ehud Olmert that the Kidnapped Soldiers Have NOT Returned!

Eighteen months have passed, and Udi Goldwasser, Eldad Regev and Gilad Shalit are still held prisoner by the enemy. Three soldiers who went to defend us, must know that we will not forget them and will fight to get them back.

This Wednesday, we implore everyone to write to the Prime Minister with one message: That he and his government finally do what is necessary to get Udi, Eldad and Gilad back very, very quickly, and at the very least, to IMMEDIATELY act to get some sign of life from the three of them.

Ehud Olmert's fax number: 02-654-6717
Email Address: eulmert@knesset.gov.il
Address: Rehov Kaplan 3, Jerusalem 91919

Please forward this mail to everyone and anyone you know, so that thousands upon thousands of messages will be sent on this day simultaneously, to make our point clear: The citizens of Israel will not stand for governmental indifference; action must be taken! For us it's a few minutes' work - for our soldiers, it may mean their freedom, which they so richly deserve.

To contact the organizer of this initiative Ilan Spector:
Pelephone: 052-471-4025
Email: ilan-ss@nana.co.il.

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