Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Evidence All Hamas Claims of a Humanitarian Crisis Were Nonsense

This article, by Amira Hass, who generally favors Arab terrorists over her own people whom they are trying to destroy, again demonstrates that Hamas has been orchestrating not only the rocket attacks against Israeli civilians but the misery of its own people.

It was long preparing the destruction of the wall separating Gaza from Egypt, waiting for an optimal time for a propaganda bonanza.

Just as it has had no difficulty smuggling in from Egypt whatever weapons of death it wanted, it could have brought in whatever supplies its people needed.

Gaza source: Hamas planned border wall blast for months

By Amira Hass, Haaretz Correspondent

Hamas operatives had been sawing away the foundations of the wall between Egyptian and Palestinian Rafah for a few months to make it easier to blow it up when the time came, a source close to the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) in Rafah told Haaretz Wednesday.

[They just waited until they felt like it. Meanwhile, while they also bombarded Sederot with thousands of Kassams, the world blamed Israel for taking minimal steps to protect its people.]

A central Hamas operative partially confirmed the report, although he told Haaretz it was PRC operatives who had prepared to breach the wall, while Hamas policemen did not interfere.

In any case, Hamas has for months been discussing the need to take the initiative in ending the siege of Gaza. Apparently, after four days of hermetic closure, following months of siege, the planners believed the political and social conditions were ripe to bring down the iron wall that Israel had put up.

Wednesday around 3 A.M., the people of Rafah were awakened by a series of blasts  between 15 and 20, people said. The hospital in Rafah was put on advance alert to prepare for those who might be injured by Egyptian bullets.

[There would never, of course, be any complaints about the unnecessary use of lethal force by Egypt.]

People started heading toward the blast sites, but a source who knew about the plan ahead of time told Haaretz Hamas men prevented them from going over to the Egyptian side before sunrise. At 6 A.M., the first people started to cross over to Egypt, and their numbers steadily increased. The market on the Egyptian side of Rafah opened early in honor of the visitors.

Some stayed overnight in Egypt, although most went for a few hours. When they returned, Hamas police checked their belongings, especially people carrying large cartons, looking for drugs and weapons. Butheyneh, who did not buy anything, saw hashish in someone's belongings. He was immediately arrested. Rumor had it that Fatah men had weapons, and they were immediately confiscated.

[We may never know how much weaponry and explosive material has been brought into Gaza the last few days, but we can be sure many people will suffer the consequences.]

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