Saturday, February 23, 2008

True Lies: Palestinian Arabs Protest Barrier

It's possible to write a straight news article in which every word is completely true but the entire article is a lie. The Associated Press managed to perform that feat with the caption and photo shown here.

Palestinians Protest Barrier

A Palestinian protester hurls a stone at Israeli troops during a demonstration Friday against a separation barrier in the village of Bilin, near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Israel says the barrier is necessary for security. Palestinians call it a land grab.

Every word in the caption is true.
  • A Palestinian Arab was indeed hurling a stone, apparently at Israeli troops — although perhaps it was just a show for the cameraman.
  • The Palestinian Arabs do repeated claim the anti-terror barrier is a land grab.
  • Israel does point out the barrier is there to save lives.
Yet, as a whole, the article is a true lie.

The barrier, still being reluctantly constructed by the Israeli government, was forced on the government by a population sick of having its children blown up in shopping malls, discotheques and pizza parlors. It has almost completely stopped the terror bombings, which even the "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas/Abu Mazen Fatah "militants" keep trying to perpetrate. Its purpose was clearly to save lives and it has done so.

Arabs may lie about the purpose, but that does not change the obvious reality. Indeed, the allegation about a "land grab" is absurd on its very face, since if Israel wanted to use a barrier to "grab land," it would have built it much farther east instead of leaving almost all of the disputed territories outside the barrier.

It's worth repeating: the caption was true, but it was a lie.

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