Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Egypt deports 3,000 Palestinians to the Gaza Strip Gaza

Note the Egyptians didn't let the Palestinian Arabs bring the goods they had purchased in Egypt back into Hamastan. Apparently, they realize there has never been a humanitarian crisis in Hamastan ... or else figure since the Palestinian Arabs paid for the goods with counterfeit currency, they didn't own the goods they were carrying. Brotherly love just goes so far.

Ma'an - Egyptian authorities sent 3,000 Palestinians who had been detained in Egypt back into the Gaza Strip on Sunday.

After crossing through the forcibly-opened border, the Gaza Strip residents stayed in Egypt after the border was resealed over a week ago.

Egyptian security forces had rounded up Palestinians over the past week, holding them in make-shift detention centers in schools and sports clubs in the cities of Al-Arish and Rafah, preparing to deport them.

Reliable sources that Egypt did not allow the 3,000 deportees to bring goods purchased in Egypt back into Gaza. Shopping for basic supplies made scarce by the Israeli blockade of Gaza had been the main reason compelling thousands of Palestinians to cross the border.

70 Egyptians were also sent back into Egypt from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian trucks loaded with cement and other materials are also waiting on the Egyptian side of the border.

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