Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alliance of Self-Hating Jewish Canadians

We post a press release from a group which calls itself "The Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians" but really should call itself "The Alliance of Self-Hating Jewish Canadians."

While the diversity of opinion and the willingness among Jews to be self-critical is something to be proud of, the pathological self-hatred of a substantial number of Jews is another matter.

I just cannot understand why so many not only support the very people who are trying to murder all of us, but completely distort history to mislead others into joining them in their miserable efforts.

The following press release from that despicable group is posted, along with a handful of comments. We ask indulgence regarding any sarcasm; it is extremely difficult to avoid sarcasm when dealing with such people.


Concerned Jewish Canadians Demand that the Siege on Gaza be Broken.

[There is obviously no "siege" of Gaza, nor has there ever been. However, these hate-groups are never deterred by the truth.]

February 1, 2008

For Immediate Release

The Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians (ACJC) is a pan-Canadian umbrella of Jewish anti-Occupation groups.

[Any so-called "occupation" ended in 1994 when almost all the Palestinian Arabs in the disputed territories came under their own corrupt government.]

We wish to join Palestinian Canadian groups, and other concerned Canadians, in expressing our outrage at the siege of the Gaza Strip. Gaza City was plunged into darkness this past month after Israel blocked the shipment of fuel that powers its only electrical plant.

[Gaza City was plunged into darkness when Hamas decided it could make propaganda hay by not using any of the ample supplies of fuel to run its generator. Israel continued to supply power to Gaza, meeting most of the needs even without the Hamastan power plant. Any lack of light should be blamed on the terrorist government of Gaza.]

1.5 million Palestinians civilians who live in Gaza are besieged and are suffering from severe food, medicine and life essentials, shortages imposed on them by the inhumane Israeli aggression.

[The Palestinian Arabs bombard Israeli civilians with Kassams and mortars, even attacking the crossings through which supplies are sent. Israel amazingly continues to supply Gaza with food, fuel, medicines and other necessities.]

Israel, which occupies the Palestinian territories, is starving and killing Palestinians in hopes of forcing them into submission and into accepting its illegal occupation and to forgo the right of return.

[Israel has offered to give the Palestinian Arabs almost all of the disputed territories.

If the Palestinian Arabs ever decide to end their drive to destroy Israel and establish another state, they can implement a right of return to their state.]

We the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians (ACJC) join the Palestinian Canadian community and other Canadians of conscience in demanding that the Canadian government, politicians, and MPs:

Condemn the latest Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza,

[In other words, we call on Israel to submit passively while Arab terrorists slaughter Jews.]

Demand an immediate halt to all Israeli brutal use of military force against the Palestinians which is taking a serious humanitarian toll on civilians,

[Even forcing the Hamas executive committee to meet by candlelight in the middle of the day, apparently unaware that if they pulled up the shades the sunlight could come in and provide more than sufficient light.]

Lift the blockade on the Palestinian people and allow all living essentials, food, medicine and energy to enter the territories without any delay.

[Also make sure that all necessary explosives, weapons and terrorists are able to cross into Gaza, to be used against Israeli civilians without delay.]

Allow an independent international tribunal to enter the Palestinian territories to investigate the Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip,

[They obviously won't find any evidence of non-existent Israeli war crimes, but they may enable their loved ones to take advantage of their life insurance policies.]

Call upon the international community and Canada in particular to act immediately to stop these crimes;

[But they must avoid doing anything to impede the launching of Kassams against the kindergartens in Sederot.]

And call upon the international community and Canada in particular to renew the call to the High Contracting Parties of the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their responsibility under Article 1 of the Convention, to ensure that it is respected under all circumstances, and their responsibility under Article 146 to pursue persons suspected of perpetrating serious violations of the convention. We affirm that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) violations are considered war crimes under Article 147 of the Convention and under its first protocol.

[Since there is no occupation and since Israel completely withdrew from Gaza years ago, this will be a very interesting exercise.]

We ask MPs and other elected representatives to join the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and international human rights groups who have warned that the blockade will cause a health catastrophe, will drastically affect hospitals, sewage treatment and water facilities and to condemn the Israel government actions and force it to lift these inhumane measures which defy basic humanitarian standards.

[It is surprising the Alliance of Self-Hating Jewish Canadians does not call on the United Nations to praise Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Tanzim, the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade and the countless other Palestinian Arab terrorist groups for all the great humanitarian work they have done by murdering innocent Jews and violating all principles of common decency.]

For further [mis]information:

Contact persons for comments are;

ACJC Spokesperson; Diana Ralph

cell phone number is 613-314-2805, office number is 613-321-2765

Vancouver; Sid Shniad 604-314-5589

Montreal; Communique en français disponible de la part de

Abraham Weizfeld 514.284.66.42 cellulaire 514.833.2974

The following is the French version. We have not bothered to include comments in that version.


Canadiens/nes juive/juives concerne/es demande que le Siège sur Gaza être Casse.

Le 1 fevrier 2008

Pour la Diffusion Immediate

L'Alliance de Canadiens/nes juifs/juives concernes/es (ACJC) est une coalition pancanadien de groupes d'anti occupation juifs. Nous voulons rejoindre des groupes canadiens palestiniens et d'autres Canadiens et Quebecois inquiets, dans l'exprimant de notre indignation au siège de la Bande de Gaza. La Ville de Gaza a ete plongee dans l'obscurite ce passe le mois après que l'Israël a bloque le chargement de combustible que les pouvoirs sa seule usine electrique. 1.5 millions de civils de Palestiniens qui vivent à Gaza sont assieges et souffrent des aliments sevères, la medecine et les insuffisances d'essentiel de vie imposees sur eux par l'agression inhumaine d'Israël. L'Israël, qui occupe les territoires palestiniens, prive et tue des Palestiniens/nes dans les espoirs de forçage d'eux dans la soumission et dans le fait d'accepter son occupation illegale et se passer du droit de retour.

Nous l'Alliance de Canadiens/nes juifs/ves concernes/es (ACJC) rejoignons la communaute canadienne et quebecois palestinienne et d'autres Canadiens et Quebecois de conscience dans la demande que le gouvernement canadien et du Quebec, les politiciens et les deputes :

Condamner la dernière agression d'Israël contre les Palestiniens/nes à Gaza,
Demander un arrêt immediat à toute l'utilisation brutale israelienne de force militaire contre les Palestiniens qui prend un peage humanitaire serieux sur les civils,
Soulever le blocus sur les gens palestiniens/nes et permettre tout l'essentiel de vie, les aliments, la medecine et l'energie d'entrer dans les territoires sans n'importe quel retard.
Permettre à un tribunal international independant d'entrer dans les territoires palestiniens pour enquêter sur les crimes de guerre l'Israël dans la Bande de Gaza,
Demander à la communaute internationale et au Canada en particulier à agir tout de suite pour arrêter ces crimes;
Et demandez à la communaute internationale et au Canada en particulier à renouveler l'appel aux Hautes Parties contractantes de la Quatrième Convention de Genève de realiser leur responsabilite sous l'Article 1 de la Convention, garantir qu'il est respecte dans toutes les circonstances et leur responsabilite sous l'Article 146 pour poursuivre des personnes soupçonnees de commettre des violations serieuses de la convention. Nous affirmons que les violations (IOF) de Forces d'Occupation israelienne sont considerees les crimes de guerre sous l'Article 147 de la Convention et conformement à son premier protocole.

Nous demandons aux deputes et d'autres representants elus, rejoignent l'Agence de le relief et travaux (UNRWA) et les groupes de droits de l'homme internationaux qui ont averti que le blocus provoquera une catastrophe de sante, affecteront radicalement des hôpitaux, un traitement d'eaux d'egouts et un equipement d'eau et condamner les actions de gouvernement d'Israël et le forcer pour soulever ces mesures inhumaines qui defient des normes humanitaires fondamentales.

Pour les informations de plus :

Les personnes de contact pour les commentaires au courent sont;

Porte-parole d'ACJC; Diana Ralph

le nombre de telephone cellulaire est 613-314-2805, office 613-321-2765 dianar@...

Vancouver; Sid Shniad 604-314-5589 shniad@...

Montreal; communications en français par

Abraham Weizfeld 514.284.66.42 cellulaire 514.833.2974 saalaha@...


Ha Ha Antifa! said...

The term "self-hating Jew" is a pejorative silencing device used to silence Jews who have different opinions. It's fitting that it was first used by Reform Jews in the 19th century to describe their Orthodox brethren.

Rather than using demonizing and dismissive language why don't you respect the fact that these are Jews who simply have differing opinions from you. This doesn't mean they "hate" themselves. It just means they disagree with you.

primerprez said...

There are reasonable differences of opinion and there is pure self-hatred; those in the Alliance of Self-Hating Jewish Canadians clearly fall into the latter category.

It's ironic that "Ha Ha Ntifa!" calls "self-hating Jew" a pejorative used to silence others. I've yet to see any attempts at silencing self-hating Jews, but I've often noticed self-hating Jews trying to silence those in the mainstream.