Monday, February 11, 2008

PA Officials Audition for Saturday Night Live

Palestinian Authority officials are demonstrating an amazing sense of humor. According to an article "PA official: Peace talks at a standstill published in The Jerusalem Post, an unnamed senior official in Ramallah said: ""Final status talks between the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams have reached a severe standstill, due to Israeli stubbornness."

He also said the Israeli delegation was "not demonstrating flexibility on any issue."

For the skeptical who don't think that official has a sense of humor, we include a complete list of all concessions made by the Palestinian Arabs since 1993 along with a miniscule sample of the concessions made by Israel.

Concessions Made by the Palestinian Arabs:

  • None.

Miniscule Sample of Concessions Made by Israel:

  • Gave almost all the Palestinian Arabs in the disputed territories their own government.
  • Completely turned over Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, including the ethnic cleansing of any Jewish presence.
  • Offered to give almost all of the disputed territories to the Palestinian Arabs.
  • Offered to give parts of its capital to the Palestinian Arabs.
  • Forced numerous Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria.
  • Turned over most of Hebron to the Palestinian Authority.

PA Minister for Prisoner Affairs Ashraf al-Ajrami also demonstrated an amazing sense of humor, asserting that Israel was not contributing to creating an atmosphere conducive to a peace agreement and "continuing its policies of blockades, settlements and checkpoints and ... not releasing prisoners in accordance with the road map's demands."

Israel, of course, has repeatedly released prisoners, only to have them return to murdering Jews.

The most important provision of the roadmap was for the Palestinian Authority to end its love affair with terrorism, something it refuses to do.

It's possible neither al-Ajrami nor the unnamed official have senses of humor and are merely divorced from reality. In any case, it's unlikely either will be hosting Saturday Night Live in the near future.

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