Thursday, February 21, 2008

Abbas to Olmert: Progress Impossible Unless Israel Stops Making It Hard for Arabs to Murder Jews

From Ma'an:

Bethlehem - Ma'an - No progress has been made in ongoing meetings between Palestinian and Israeli officials, a Political Advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Nimr Hamad said on Tuesday.

Hamad added that there is no truth to Israeli media reports about an agreement regarding the drafting of an agreement on the shape of a future Palestinian State.

"These are all speculations and their objective is to cause confusion and to send a message that it is useless to continue the negations." Hamad added.

Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

He added that the Palestinian side will persist in their pursuit pf negotiations to prove to the international community that Israel is refusing to cooperate and that its actions against the Palestinian people are getting more excessive everyday.

[Israel is extremely stubborn about refusing to completely abandon actions which save Israeli lives; no wonder Hamad is upset.]

According to Hamad, President Abbas will tell Olmert during their meeting in Jerusalem that "things can't continue under the status quo and that the checkpoints that keep on increasing everyday must be removed and the siege must be lifted, in addition to discussing final [status] matters."

[Perhaps if the Palestinian Authority started adhering to its commitments and stopped trying to murder Jews, Israel wouldn't have to take as many defensive measures.]

Asked what other strategy Palestinians should pursue, should the talks fail, Hamad said, "Everyone must understand that we are not going to be the ones to put obstacles in the way of negotiations. We will turn to the Arabs to decide on a common goal and try to apply pressure on the international community."

[What negotiations? The Palestinian Arabs haven't budged from the same extreme positions they held a decade and a half ago.]

He added "many European countries are on our side, especially France and Russia. France already suggested holding a conference called Annapolis III in the event that Russia holds Annapolis II next April."

Hamad, however, refused any discussions of military options or another Intifada in case of a collapse in the negotiation process. He said that these options would only bring more destruction to the Palestinian people.

He said: "Another Intifada like the previous one will only bring more deaths and injuries to the new Palestinian generation of youths. It is a very dangerous option if we consider the imbalance in power between us as Palestinians and a whole world outside. We will not go back to an Intifada that will only bring more destruction."

[Another intifada? They never abandoned the last one; it's just not quite as effectice, thanks to the measures Israel has been taking.]

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