Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rallies Across America: Jews Also Pray for the Palestinian Arabs

The Hartford, Connecticut community held a "Community Service for Israel Solidarity" January 14 as part of the week of "Rallies Across North American."

Typically, there were protesters outside, on Bloomfield Avenue, chanting slogans like "Free Palestine" (really meaning enslave the Jews in Palestine, since the Arabs already have their own governments in Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank) and "Apartheid is a Crime" (typically accusing Israel of the crime for which even the moderate Palestinian Arabs strive, as they still demand a state which is judenrein, something far worse than apartheid).

Those inside, at the rally, had something far different in mind: peace.

While obviously there to show solidarity with the people in Israel who have been bombarded with rockets shot from Gaza for the last eight years, they also expressed sadness at the plight of the Palestinian Arabs.

Typical of the thrust of all the speeches was the message in this prayer, written by Rabbi Stephen Fuchs, and read together by all those at the rally.

Eternal God,

We weep for the children of Israel whose lives have been traumatized these three years by the threat and the reality of rocket attacks from Gaza!

We weep for the children of Palestine victimized by the savagery of their leaders' decisions to use them as human shields behind which they launch deadly attacks on the children of Israel!

How long, Eternal One?

How long will it take until the Palestinian people say to Hamas, 'Enough! You are destroying any hope that we have for Palestinian dignity, independence and prosperity.'
How long?

How long will Hamas continue to shed the blood of its own people?

May the New Year bring sanity to those so called leaders who make Hamas' decisions, and may it be a year of peace and harmony for all of Your children-the Palestinians and the Arabs in their vast land holdings and the tiny Jewish State of Israel.
May they live side by side in peace and harmony with one another,
And may those who call for only one state and no Jewish state at all realize that their intransigence only leads to more conflict and bloodshed.

Baruch Atah Adonai Ga'al Yisrael. We praise You Eternal One our God, the Redeemer of Israel!

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