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"Up to 800,000 Israelis have now been put in danger
and severely discomforted, both economically
and emotionally, by the Arab version of the Nazi V2
rockets directed at Israeli cities...."

Israel's obsessive desire to pose as a moral paragon -- to her great
disadvantage -- can only result in her ultimate defeat at the hand of
the wicked Arab adversary. This adversary is indeed wicked since it
seeks no less to destroy a nation state and has used the most
reprehensible of tactics against women and children. Let us view the
situation in a more comprehensive context than the usual narrow
context, in which relevant history is ignored and facts are distorted
beyond recognition.

To begin with, there was no "occupation" of national lands of Israel
in Gaza since Israel liberated those lands from the real occupation of
Egypt, an occupation that did not trouble the Arab world for 19 years,
from 1948 to 1967. The Gaza land that Israel took possession of in
1967 in defending against Arab aggression was part of the original
lands of the Mandate of Palestine set aside for a Jewish Homeland by
the League of Nations -- the then legal authority over the land and the
same authority that created numerous of today's Arab countries. When
Israel entered Gaza in 1967, she crossed no international boundary and
was within the orbit of the strictures of the Mandate of Palestine.

It should be considered that prior to 1948 there Jewish communities in
Gaza that were subsequently destroyed under Egypt's illegal occupation
of the territory. Also, even President Reagan never considered the lands
taken by Israel in 1967 as occupied, but referred to them as "disputed"
territories. Bush's reclassification of them as "occupied" is arbitrary, a
a slander of Israel, and a falsification of history for short-sighted, political

That the Arabs resident living in Gaza were subsequently under the
legal aegis of Israel may have been regarded as painful to them, it
was no more a tragedy than that the Dutch of New York experienced
when England took national possession of the city in the 17th

But there is another consideration that impacts Gaza from the
perspective of Israel. It is that Gaza is strategic. When this
land salient that juts deep into Israel is possessed by hostile
neighbors it poses an extreme threat to Israel, -- as Israel's
short-sighted, leftist government was warned of before that government
expelled legal Jewish residents from their home in the area and turned
it over to Arabs that had exhibited over many decades an implacable
hostility to the existence of Israel.

But now, in the wake of the short-sighted stupidity of Israel's
government, the problem remains how to cope with this hostile
strategic territory that Israel had turned over to deadly enemies. As
even liberal Israeli JP columnist, Amotz Asa-el, acknowledged, the chance
that the Arab residents of Gaza -- which had elected Hamas to power --
to accept peaceful existence with Israel is nil, the Arab religious aim
being the destruction of any non Muslim nation in what they regard as
their self-declared Islamic domain. Therefore, the real prospect is that
a full reversion of that territory to Arab control will only restore the Arab
belligerent potential to use that territory to undo Israel -- the role
that Gaza has been active in serving since Israel surrendered it.
After all, today, up to 800,000 Israelis have now been put in danger and
severely discomforted, both economically and emotionally, by the Arab
version of the Nazi V2 rockets directed at Israeli cities.

The situation cries -- shrieks in anguish -- for a wise and realistic
assessment of this situation by an obsessed, blind, leftist government
-- virtues leftist governments have been unable to practice for many,
many decades owing to their characterological sickness of extreme
over righteousness. The solution that cries for recognition is the
evoking of the rules of war that places the lands of belligerent
entities on the chopping block for loss every time they use their
territory to make war against a neighbor. Gaza must be prevented from
continuing to serve as a platform for attack by all means possible and
the proportionality of such action to make this possible is justified
by this outcome.

This entails Israel's taking and holding strategic portions of the
hostile Gaza territory that prevents this salient from being supplied
with hostile weaponry -- as had been foolishly made possible by Israel's
leftist government. Its tunnel vision about possible Arab aggression
turned into the scores of tunnels for weaponry supply from the
outside Arab world. There is no prospect that this supply line will be
blocked by Egypt. What is more, experience shows that no one else can
do this job in the earnest in which it needs to be done. Hence, it is
Israel that must regain full, permanent control over the necessary land
bridge link through which run those tunnels that are now inevitable fixtures
of the geographical region and prevent weaponry passage.

But does that pose a problem to Israel of controlling a bridge
territory of up to ten to twenty miles in which hostile, Gazan Arabs
are resident, an alleged occupation, which, by the way, would not be
illegal? Israel must declare the area a permanent military zone -- a
consequence of the war thrust upon her by the Arabs -- and its residents
invited to remain peacefully under Israel's government control or to
leave voluntarily (or forcibly if in violation of peaceful conduct) to
take up residency in Egypt or other portions of Gaza.

This outcome of loss of territory is not unusual outcome for belligerents
and the victim of this belligerency would not be violating UN rulings since
this would not be the result of an aggressive war on Israel's part, but a
defensive action, made necessary to safeguard Israel's future peace and
the peace of the region.

Furthermore, this situation recalls the Western Allied policy after
World War II, which, for the sake of insuring peace, removed
12,000,000 of the dangerous ethnic German population from lands
outside Germany to Germany to prevent a rerun of the Czechoslovakian
situation which resulted in Hitler's gaining strategic territory from
that small land that enabled him to conquer that land and launch his
aggression against all of Europe. Therefore, solving this problem to the
peace of the region has ample precedents that should be availed of
by Israel to safeguard herself.

If a better way can be found to solve the problem of Gaza and leave Israel's
people safeguarded, that will be all to the good. But no less should be
insisted on by Israel, which could very well need a new government
capable of exercising the sanity that has eluded the leftists.

-- DaveB

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Anonymous said...

hy not a dual international approach on palistina ?

Help the westbank and shut off Gaza. The stick and the carrot.
Palestinians will see a better westbank.

Make of (some parts of) palestina example regions by massive support. Let them see what is costs to run around with green towels and machine guns in the deesert for another decade for iran.

It solves also major problems on deatiled negotioations, because it is not a final solution.