Friday, January 2, 2009

Annie Lennox: Partially Correct, But Misguided

Like many so-called peace activists, Annie Lennox aims her darts at the wrong party.

That she appeared with the bigoted former mayor of London Ken Livingston makes one wonder whether she is sincere in her desire for peace but misguided or shares Livingston's hatred of Jews.

Annie Lennox, other celebrities call for end to IDF Gaza op

Singer Annie Lennox and other celebrities on Friday called on Israel to stop its air attacks on the Gaza Strip.

[There is no indication in this article that they even bothered to call on Hamas and the other Arab terrorist groups to stop attacking Israeli civilians.]

Speaking at a press conference in London Friday alongside activist Bianca Jagger, comedian Alexei Sayle and politicians including former London mayor Ken Livingstone, Lennox said violence could never be a solution to conflict.

[This is the one statement attributed to Lennox that is correct. Unfortunately, she seems unaware that the Palestinian Arabs are the ones who need to be convinced of this.

Israel's actions are simply aimed at preventing Hamas and the other Arab terror groups from continuing to try to achieve their goal, the elimination of Israel, by violence.]

Jagger called on US President-elect Barack Obama to condemn the Israeli air strikes. Israel is responding to rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas.

[Of which Jagger seems unaware.]

Protests have been held around the world condemning the Israeli strikes, which have killed more than 400 people and left 1,700 injured.

[They'd be taken more seriously if there had been protests around the world condemning the eight years of rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.]

Demonstrators are due to march in London Saturday to call for an end to the violence.

[All the violence, or just the actions taken to protect Israeli civilians from Arab terrorist attacks?]

As long as so-called peace activists whitewash Arab terrorism, their activities are actually counterproductive when it comes to really ending violence and bringing about the peace to which Hamas is so bitterly opposed.

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