Saturday, January 3, 2009

Prayer for the Israel Defense Forces

May He who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, bless the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces and the security personnel who stand guard over Israel and the cities of our God, from the Lebanese border to the Egyptian wilderness, and from the Mediterranean Sea to the edges of the desert - or wherever they might be - on land, in the air, or at sea.

May God cause our enemies who attack us to suffer defeat at the hands of the troops. May the Holy One, blessed is He, shield and protect them from any adversity of anguish, any ordeal or suffering, and send blessing and success to everything they do. May He bring those who hate us under their sway, and glorify the forces with the crown of salvation and the mantle of victory, so that the verse, "The Lord, your God marches with you to do battle for you against your enemies and to save you," will be fulfilled through then, and let us say Amen.

(Courtesy of the OU.)


Anonymous said...

May the God of Abraham rain down molten lead and sulfur on the best and the brightest of the Nation of Zion. May they see their daughters raped and disembowelled before their very eyes. May the God of Abraham gouge out the eyes of their firstborn. May the people of Zion again the driven onto the barren deserts and be disbersed among the nations of the world.

primerprez said...

"Anonymous" shows quite the blind hatred Israel is confronted with.