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"All compromises thus far have been by Israel and
have not led to peace but only to ever virulent Arab
hatred as the Arabs seem themselves as coming closer
to rolling back Israel to non existence...."

While Natan Sharansky did a good job recently in the Wall Street
Journal in analyzing the role that Arab contrived self-victimhood plays
in their war against the existence of Israel, he fails to penetrate the
deeper level of the problem. He insists on seeing as valid a phony
"Palestinian people" that deserves statehood and democracy. The
reality is that, from the first, the so-called "Palestinian people" is
a myth and diabolical propaganda maneuver. The concept of this phony
"peoplehood" has been designed to create the entity to be used by the
Arabs to replace the people of Israel.

If that is the reality, how can empowering this "people" to statehood
be a step to peace in the region, unless the vanishing of the Jews is
considered as a legitimate way to achieve peace?

As has been pointed out again and again, the name "Palestinian" is a
geographical term and refers to residents of the Mandate of Palestine,
which includes Jewish residents who were originally called
"Palestinians" prior to 1967. The difference between the Jewish
Palestinians and the Arab is that the Jews were given the right to
build a Jewish homeland in the region by the League of Nations. In
1967, when Israel drove the OCCUPYING armies of Egypt and Jordan from
the lands of the Mandate in Gaza and Judea and Samaria -- the historic
names of the Eastern territories under the Mandate, and even once
referred to by those names by King Hussein of Jordan on either "Meet
the Press" or "Face the Nation" (I heard this and noted it myself at
the time -- Israel crossed no international border, as mentioned by
Undersecretary of State Eugene Rostow under Johnson.

The point here is that this puts the lie to the slander that Israel
"occupies" Mandate lands that belong to the Arabs. Ronald Reagan
recognized Israel's rights and used the term "disputed territory" to
designate the territories. It is only recently that, for the first
time, the US under George Bush referred to these lands as "occupied"
-- a lying slander leveled at Israel by Bush the appeaser of the oil
producing Arabs at Israel's expense.

It should be noted that the League of Nations was the ruling authority
of the lands split from the Ottoman Empire after World War I. The
League established as many as six of today's Arab nations as well
as the Mandate of Palestine -- incidentally, the League failed to
establish even one Christian nation though there were 20 million
Christians living in the Ottoman region at the time. The Arabs, while
accepting the League's demarcation of the Arab nations, have ever
since rejected the right of the Jewish people to their nation and have
been waging continuous war to destroy her. All compromises thus far
have been by Israel and have not led to peace but only to ever
virulent Arab hatred as the Arabs see themselves coming closer to
rolling back Israel to non existence.

The failure to recognize that the bulk of the Arab residents of the
Mandate were relatively new arrivals to the area and came from
numerous outside lands (for example, Arafat came from Egypt and many
came from Bosnia) has caused confusion about the nature of the Arab
residents in Israel's territories. To consider these Arabs as a
"people" -- even UN Resolution 242 in 1967 refers to them as
"refugees" but the UN would have had they actually been such a people
-- makes as much sense as calling Californians a "people" and has ever
since given the Arabs a powerful club with which to beat the Jews.

This false designation feeds the propaganda that assigns "peoplehood"
to Arab residents that supposedly extends to an alleged historic right
to Jerusalem and to other parts of the Mandate lands. It also makes
possible the phony extension of "Palestinian peoplehood" to the now
millions of Arabs residing in Lebanon and elsewhere that claim to be
the true owners of the lands of Israel. The fantastic growth in the
numbers of the latter into millions owed to the issuing of UN ration
books to anyone who arbitrarily claimed to be part of the original
450,000 Arabs in this group -- the UN was active in undermining Israel
even then!. But the overwhelming implication of the continued
existence of this now millions of unabsorbed Arabs into Arab lands is
to prove conclusively that the Arab design for this phony "people" is
to replace Israel's Jews.

Such Arab propaganda efforts give the lie to Arab intentions to live
in peace with Israel!!!

If the leftist Israeli government continues failing to recognize the
Arab design to remove Israel from the Middle East and partners with
such policies -- irrespective whether they come from deadly enemies of
Israel or from supposed friends -- to carry out the first phases of
the Arab plan to destroy Israel that starts with the establishment of
a new Arab state to be carved out of Israel's lands, the result will
be dire. The possibility that this could lead to peace is a total
ILLUSION. The destruction of Israel is the single most popular goal of
the Arabs. True friends of a State of Israel will reject such non
solutions that will lead to a new holocaust of Israel's Jews.

Nor should anyone fool themselves about non solutions, such as
allowing the former occupiers, Egypt and Jordan, to again take
possession of the Mandate lands in Gaza and the territories. I was
astonished to find John Bolton succumbing to such a travesty that
would bring two Arab armies into Israel at opposite ends. When either
or both of these Arab countries -- whose people are dedicated to the
eradication of Israel -- fall under the control of even more virulent
Islamists, these penetrated Israeli lands would then revert to the
condition in which Gaza exists today as threats to Israel's existence.
Arabs will not willingly lend themselves to saving Israel and only
fools say so -- whether Bush, Blair, Tipshi Livni, Barak, Olmert,
Bolton, or even Sharansky.

Clearly, the true solution that continues to be rejected in favor of
false solutions that endanger Israel is the application of the
solution used by the Western Allies after World War II to prevent a
resurgence of dangerous German nationalism in countries outside
Germany. In that solution, administered for the sake of peace,
12,000,000 ethnic Germans outside Germany were removed to Germany. The
same solution for the sake of peace applied to the ethnic Arabs such
as in Gaza -- the ones that had voted for Hamas and its final solution
for the Jewish people -- would eliminate the continuing possibility of
Arab aggression from Gaza, the hostile Arab population having been
relocated to Arab lands where they could carry on productive lives in

Such a solution will not willingly be applied by the Arabs and their
supporters since it goes opposite to their design to destroy Israel.
But, then, even Israel's Western supporters were against Israel's
saving herself in 1967. If today's solution is to be carried out, it
must be undertaken by Israel to save herself -- no one else is
interested in saving Israel. As the situation exists, such Arab
relocation can be undertaken by an Israel dedicated to her survival
during wartime imposed by the Arabs. As part of her war aims in
defending herself against Arab aggression, relocations of Arab
populations, in whole or part, can be carried out as a byproduct of
Arab wars.

The failure of carrying out such a solution has proven, at best, only
to result in restoring the situation of the Arab aggressors preserved
so that they can regroup, rearm, and try again with ever improving

A measure of the support for peace in the Israeli region can be
determined by how close the Arabs and their supporters -- including
the US and Britain -- come to supporting the carrying out of this
solution for the sake of peace.


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