Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Two Faces of Fatah

On the one face, we have the Chief Palestinian Arab Negotiator Ahmed Qurei' attacking Israel and distorting what's happening and on the other face you have someone who's not a Fatah official explaining what he's really hoping for.

PLO Suspends Peace Negotiations with Israel

RAMALLAH, December 29, 2008 (WAFA - :PLO news agency)- Chief Palestinian Negotiator Ahmed Qurei' announced, Monday, that peace negotiations with Israel are suspended in protest of the ongoing Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in 345 martyrs and over 1650 injuries so far.

[Israel has attacked Hamas installations, with almost all those who have been killed or injured being Hamas terrorists. Qurei' describes those terrorists as martyrs.]

Speaking to reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Qurei' said, it is impossible to hold meetings with Israel when its troops are committing massacres in Gaza.

[Hamas is trying to commit massacres; Israel is going after those trying to commit massacres.]

'The talks with Israel, which are sponsored and supported by the United States, are now suspended due to the awful bloody scene that the Gaza Strip is witnessing these days,' he said.

Qurei' also said there are no peace negotiations and there will be no negotiations at this time while Israel is attacking the Palestinian people.

[Israel is attacking Hamas terrorists, not the Palestinian Arab people.]

A Fatah Friend Writes: I'm Supporting the Israeli Air Force

It's a strange world, but there you have it. I've been talking to friends of mine, former Palestinian Authority intelligence officials (ejected from power by the Hamas coup), and they tell me that not only are they rooting for the Israelis to decimate Hamas, but that Fatah has actually been assisting the Israelis with targeting information. One of my friends -- if you want to know why they're my friends, read this book -- told me that one of his comrades was thrown off a high-rise building in Gaza City last year by Hamas, and so he sheds no tears for the Hamas dead. "Let the Israelis kill them," he said. "They've brought only trouble for my people."

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