Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is Mahmoud Abbas Really a Palestinian or Is He a Native of Los Angeles?

In the interview reported on in this article from the Jerusalem Post, Palestinian Authority chair Mahmoud Abbas acts as if he's in lala land. (Of course, that would continue the tradition of leaders of the Palestinian Arabs not actually being Palestinian Arabs, since his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, was Egyptian.)

According to Abu Mazen, the fact that he's still clinging to the outrageous demands Arafat was making at the start of the Oslo Experiment is irrelevant, as are the realities that he shows no interest in serious negotiations, the Palestinian Authority has yet to start adhering to the commitments it made back in 1993, does not have the ability to comply with any agreements in the West Bank and has no role in Gaza.

According to Abu Mazen, the only thing preventing a peace agreement is the fact that Israel holds elections, in other words, that Israel is a democracy.

Perhaps he's not on valium, but is simply taking advantage of the willingness of the rest of the world to ignore reality and pretend the path to peace lies in Israel caving in to outrageous and totally unjustified Arab demands and Arab terrorism.

Or maybe he looks at a peace agreement the way the Palestinian Arabs have looked at the various Oslo agreements, a way to get Israeli concessions while making commitments they have no intention of keeping, instead just using the Israeli concessions as a way of enhancing their ability to murder Jews.

Abbas: Israeli issues preventing deal

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday that the only reason Israel and the Palestinians haven't reached an peace agreement is because of Jerusalem's internal problems.

In an interview with the London-based daily Asharq Alawsat, Abbas said that he was ready to negotiate with any prime minister elected by Israel in 2009.

The Palestinian leader expressed his disappointment with Hamas for preventing Gazan pilgrims from making to Hajj to Mecca. He went on to compare the terrorist organization controlling the Strip to a Shi'ite sect that attacked Mecca in the 10th century.

Abbas called on Hamas to enter talks with the Fatah-led PA and warned it not to trust a future possible change in attitude towards the group by the next US administration. Abbas displayed his readiness to hold elections at any given time, but said he would not hesitate to exclude Hamas from participating.

The Palestinian leader added that he intended to visit the US before the end of President George. W. Bush's term.

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