Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Avaaz: Malicious or Simply Misguided?

Avaaz is in many ways a meritorious entity. In areas such as the genocide in Darfur, it has done wonderful work.

Unfortunately, as with a number of other organizations, it seems to lose its moral compass when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict, which at its heart is another attempted genocide directed at the Jewish people.

Below is a misguided appeal sent by Avaaz which effectively calls for the preservation of the ability of Hamas and other Arab terror groups to launch Kassam and Grad rockets at Israeli civilians.

From: "Brett Solomon -"
Subject: Gaza: Ceasefire Now

Dear friends,

The Gaza crisis has exploded -- put your name to our emergency petition demanding a ceasefire. We'll deliver it immediately to the UN Security Council, the Arab League, the US and other world leaders!

Take Action Now

[Avaaz made no moved to take action as long as it was only Hamas and other terror groups launching deadly rockets at Israeli population centers. Only when Israel acts to save its people's lives does Avaaz awaken.]

As we watch the Gaza bloodshed with horror, appalled at how the crisis is spiraling further out of control, one thing is clear -- this violence will only lead to further civilian suffering and an escalation of the conflict.

[There certainly will be further civilian suffering and excalation as long as Hamas is protected by misguided groups such as Avaaz.]

There must be another way. Over 280 are dead so far in the Gaza Strip and hundreds more injured -- rockets are striking Ashdod deep inside Israel for the very first time, and the sides are mobilising for invasion. A global outcry has begun, but it'll take more than words -- the immediate violence won't end, nor will wider peace be secured, without firm action from the international community.

[Firm action would be helpful, but not of the sort called for by Avaaz. The international community needs to take firm action to eliminate rather than protect Hamas and other terror groups.]

Today, we're launching an emergency campaign which will be delivered to the UN Security Council and key world powers, urging them to act to ensure an immediate ceasefire and address the growing humanitarian crisis -- only with robust international oversight and action can civilians on all sides be protected and real steps be taken toward a wider peace. Follow this link now to sign the emergency petition and send it to everyone you know:

[Sorry. We're not going to include that link. International oversight of the sort that exists in Lebanon will only make things worse. We suggest you urge the UN Security Council and key world powers act to dismantle Hamas and other Arab terror groups.]

After Gaza's bloodiest day in recent memory and eight or more years of ineffective US and global diplomacy, we need to get world leaders to do more than issue statements if they're to ensure a lasting ceasefire.

[As long as Hamas exists in its present form, there can be no lasting ceasefire.]

Through the UN Security Council and other international bodies, the world can provide the help and pressure needed to stop the violence and change the situation on the ground in Gaza -- preventing the rockets and incursions, re-opening crossing-points under international oversight so that instead of weapon-smuggling, the 1.5 million ordinary people of Gaza can get the fuel, food and medicines they so desperately need.

[Even as Israel acts against the terrorists, it continues to transfer massive amounts of food, fuel and medicines to the people of Gaza. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, except for those affiliated with Hamas and other terror groups or who have been unfortunate enough to be living next to terror installations.]

All sides to the conflict will continue to act as they have in the past if they believe that the world will stand by and allow them to do so. We mobilised for a ceasefire in 2006's Israel-Lebanon war and succeeded, but this time the international community must not delay -- let's raise a truly worldwide outcry. 2009 is a year that things can be different. As we face this crisis, and the possibilities of a new year, it's time for us everywhere to work together to stop this violence.

[Avaaz apparently is unaware of the disastrous consequences of the Lebanese ceasefire, which expedited the effective takeover of Lebanon by Hezbollah and the massive arming of that terror group.]

With hope and determination,

Brett, Ricken, Alice, Ben, Pascal, Paul, Graziela, Paula, Luis, Iain and the whole Avaaz team

The real question remains the one raised in the title of this blog entry.

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