Friday, November 14, 2008

United Nations Secretary-General Insists Israel Reward Hamas for Launching Kassam Missiles

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that Israel's response to the incessant firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip, in which crossings to the area were closed, was "unacceptable."

[For the United Nations, any response is unacceptable.]

In a statement released by the UN, Ban voiced his concern "that food and other life saving assistance is being denied to hundreds of thousands of people." He called to immediately end the "measures which increase the hardship and suffering of the civilian population of the Gaza" and "to allow urgently, the steady and sufficient supply of fuel and humanitarian assistance."

[Israel is transferring humanitarian assistance even as Hamas keeps pelting Sderot and Ashkelon with rockets and mortars. No other country in the world would continue to supply the very people who are attacking it.]

Ban indicated his desire to see Israel resume the facilitation of UNRWA's activities, as well as the access of other humanitarian organizations to Gaza.

The UN leader also condemned the attacks by the Palestinians, who fired 16 rockets into Israel on Friday. Four of the rockets were Grad-type Katyushas.

[How nice of him.]

The European Union also called on Israel to reopen its border crossings with the Gaza Strip.

EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said she was worried that "fuel and basic humanitarian assistance" is not reaching the Palestinians.

Ferrero-Waldner said that the crossings should be re-opened so food, fuel and medicine can begin moving into Gaza once more.

Israel has closed the crossings to Gaza for deliveries of fuel and other essentials but has allowed humanitarian cases through.

In related news, Oxfam called on the state to end "the blockade" of the Strip. "World leaders must step up and exercise all their political might to break the blockade of Gaza," a statement released by the humanitarian organization said.

[The best way to "break the blockade of Gaza" is to get the residents of Gaza to start acting in a civilized manner.]

"As a matter of humanitarian imperative, Israeli leaders must resume supplies into Gaza without further delay. If Israelis and Palestinians alike don't exert every effort now to maintain the truce which has held since last June, the result could be catastrophic for civilians both in Gaza and in nearby Israeli towns," said Oxfam International Executive Director Jeremy Hobbs.

"For nearly a year and a half unimpeded access to fuel, food, medicines and essential goods has been routinely denied. Failure of the international community to act decisively will only exacerbate human suffering and could further endanger chances for peace," he continued.

[There is no chance for peace as long as Hamas is in control of Gaza. Oxfam's advocacy on behalf of that terror group is one of the factors endangering chances for peace.]


There is NO Santa Claus said...

In effect, the UN is saying that the Arabs should be able to wage war against Israel with impunity.

primerprez said...

For the UN, Israel defending itself is "unacceptable," but Arabs murdering Jews is never unacceptable.