Saturday, November 22, 2008

Effects of Economic Downturn Aren't All Bad

Reading the messages on the Palestinian Christians list on Yahoo Groups is usually depressing, since they're generally so infused with hatred, but it was a pleasure to read this one about the budgetary problems of a group of self-hating Jews.

Economic Downturn Affects Jews Against Zionism's Budget

Posted by: "St. James" palestinianchristians

From: True Torah Jews

Over the past several months, we have seen a sharp drop in donations to True Torah Jews Against Zionism. The usual supporters are just as supportive as ever of our activities, but they cannot give as much as in the past due to their own financial difficulties. Many investors have either lost huge sums of money or fear that they will soon experience losses.

This deficit in our budget has affected the work we do in many ways. News articles with our comments are no longer published regularly. The Parsha Pearls was not published for several weeks; it has now continued thanks to an anonymous sponsor. We have built up large debts that must be paid off as soon as possible.

Most importantly, lack of money hampers our ability to react when the occasion arises. For example, we are now four days before a presidential election, and the Zionist media is working hard to turn the nation's focus to Zionism-related issues. Because Obama is not sufficiently loyal to Zionism, because he does not take a completely one-sided view of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict, because he has said that no one has suffered more than the Palestinians, and - most recently - because it was discovered that he has a friend who is a Palestinian professor and he attended a party in his honor, therefore he is not fit to be president of the United States.

The Zionist media has gone into hysteria over these accusations. One reading their articles might think that this was a race for president of the State of Israel. What happened to America? Why should an American election revolve around a foreign country? Do these Jews want the gentiles to think that Israel is all that matters to them?

The world must be aware of the traditional Torah community's insistence that the State of Israel be kept out of the election. Even apart from Orthodox Jews such as ourselves, studies have shown that Jews today, especially the younger generation, care less about the State of Israel and more about domestic issues such as the economy. The candidates should realize that they will do better among Jews if they speak only about what is good for America. They should ignore those Zionists who try to provoke paranoia of anyone and anything remotely critical of the State of Israel.

Getting this message out would mean a press release and effecting advertising.- something we simply cannot due on our current budget. So an important opportunity is going lost. But you can help us now so that the next time you need us to speak for you, we'll be there.

After the American election, another important opportunity is on the horizon. The Zionist State is holding early elections in February, and together with our associates in Jerusalem we are planning a massive campaign to educate the public about the great sin of voting in a Zionist election. When the Jewish world's attention is focused on the religious parties, that is the time to point out the tens of thousands of Jews who never vote at all or accept any money from state, which they consider illegitimate. That is the time to offer Jews the chance to take a fresh look at an old question. Again, this will only be possible with your donations.

Please help True Torah Jews Against Zionism so that they can be there for you to publicize the views you support. Please help True Torah Jews Against Zionism spread the teachings of the Torah and save more Jews from the heretical and dangerous path on which Zionism is leading them.

Jews Against Zionism
True Torah Jews
183 Wilson St, PMB 162, Brooklyn, NY 11211

As is usually the case with Israel-haters, the self-hating "Jews Against Zionism" have no compunction about misrepresenting themselves, since they are further from being "True Torah Jews" than the most unobservant, secular Jews on earth.

As is the case with the Palestinian Arab Christians who oppose Israel, they will be among the first who would find their lives destroyed if their wishes for the destruction of Israel came to pass.

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