Saturday, October 4, 2008

When Will They Ever Learn? Terrorism Continues to Plague Its Promoters

Whether one actively or passively promotes terrorism, it eventually comes back to haunt its sponsors.

This article reports on Lebanon and Syria being targeted by terrorists.

Syria's support for terror is active. It helps terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah in just about any way it can.

Lebanon's support of terror has in the past been more passive, simply allowing groups like the PLO and Hezbollah to set up terror mini-states within its borders and attack Israelis.

Either way, the chickens come home to roost.

Lebanon, Syria Blame Bombings On Militants

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Lebanese and Syrian authorities Monday each placed blame for recent bombings on Islamic militants tied to al-Qaida and probably based in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

On Monday, a roadside bomb struck a bus in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, killing four Lebanese soldiers and a civilian and injuring 30 people, Lebanese officials said. The attack came two days after a 440-pound bomb detonated in a pedestrian area of Damascus, the Syrian capital, killing 17 people.

A senior Lebanese security official said authorities suspect that Jund al Sham, a militant group that was detected first in Afghanistan during the late 1990s and surfaced in Lebanon around 2004, was responsible for the attacks. The official said the bombings were revenge for the Lebanese military's defeat last year of Fatah al Islam, an ally of the militant group, in a months-long battle around the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el Bared.

[The Arab insistence on keeping their Palestinian Arab brethren in refugee camps rather than welcoming them as full citizens of what for almost all is the land of their birth is one of the strongest engines of the terror machine that was originally targeted against Israel but eventually also turns on its original sponsors.]

Syrian officials Monday also suggested that evidence pointed to an Islamic group in Lebanon for the deadly weekend car bomb explosion in Damascus. Syrian authorities have claimed that mostly Sunni northern Lebanon has become a hotbed of Islamic extremism, drawing some veterans of the Iraqi insurgency.

The Arabs have tried to destroy Israel for six decades. Despite constant attack, Israel has thrived, while the Arabs have paid a steep price.

Nobody will benefit from an Arab-Israeli peace more than the Arabs.

When will they ever learn? Or is hatred just too ingrained for them to ever act in their own best interest?

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