Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Inverting the Truth: It Was Never About Borders

It's a standard technique in anti-Israel propaganda to accuse Israelis of the crimes for which the Arabs, including the Palestinian Arabs, are guilty.

This article, posted to Palestine Think Tank, is typical in that if one interchanges Palestinian or Arab with Israeli or Jew one gets something approximating the truth.

The article was given the title It Was Never About Borders and that, ironically, is quite true, since the Arab-Israeli conflict has always been about the Arab refusal to accept the reestablishment of the Jewish state. It was written by Yousef Abudayyeh.

The Palestinian-Zionist conflict is not about disputed borders, it's about the very existence of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. The Zionist invaders came to Palestine because according to the Zionists, Palestine was a land with no people and needed to be filled with 'people who have no land.'

[Of course, the Jews come far closer to being indigenous inhabitants of "Palestine" than the so-called Palestinian Arabs. There is no trace of the peoples who inhabited the land before the Hebrews returned after the Exodus, so the Jews are the earliest remaining inhabitants while the so-called Palestinian Arabs are relative newcomers.]

Unless the whole world and especially the Arab Palestinians understand this, things will get worse. What we saw in Akka (Akko) this week is a continuation of the emptying of Palestine of its original people. This has always been a fruitless undertaking, fueled by the invader's realization of the ultimate failure of the Zionist adventure - make no mistake about it.

[None of those involved in the recent events in Akko are innocent.

It began with a deliberate provocation by an Arab during a Jewish holiday, to which some Jews overreacted, after which Arab mobs went on a rampage which may or may not have been premeditated.]

And just to let you know, what's going on in Akka has been happening on a different scale in all the cities and village of Palestine 48. A few days ago, a friend of mine with some of his family members were driving in Haifa when his car was stoned by these fascist Zionist invaders with the 'police' watching on and not doing a thing, a very familiar scene.

These stepped up attacks on '48 Palestinians should make clear the following:

[A bit of an exaggeration.]

- Our people of the '48 land have been living for more than 60 years, under the worst of racist conditions. All the attempts that the Arab leaders made in order to co-exist with the Zionists were attempts that needed to be made in order to prove to the world, and more importantly, to the Palestinian people, that the Zionist invaders were really not interested in co-existence. All these invaders are interested in are finding ways to push the Arabs out of their homes so they can salvage their colonization 'dream' of (at least half of) Palestine.

[The Arabs living in Israel have more rights than Arabs living anywhere else in the Middle East. Israel is not perfect, but compared to any of the surrounding Arab states, it's paradise and it's amazing that a minority that often acts as a fifth column continues to enjoy de jure equality.]

- The so-called Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, (in no way smarter or tested than the leadership of the Arabs of '48), should go back to the original writings of the PLO and study them and understand them. The original understanding of the conflict was the right one. These Zionists invaders are not interested in anything less than an empty Palestine. Any misunderstanding of this fact will lead to more blood and misery. The least they can do is talk with our leaders in '48 and learn from them.

[This is a call for the ethnic cleansing of Eretz Yisrael of its Jewish population.]

- The Arab countries should at once stop all dealings with the Zionists.

- The Zionist idea and doctrine is dead or at least cracked and cannot be fulfilled. The building of racist walls and even getting involved with 'peace talks' are signs of the Zionists getting used to the fact that they cannot have all of Palestine, definitely not without its original inhabitants, and for sure not on their terms.

[The anti-terror barrier was effectively built by Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Arabs who forced it on a reluctant Israeli government by rejecting peace and launching a brutal terror offensive.

The Zionists have always been willing to compromise, acceding to the first partition which gave nearly four-fifths of Palestine to the Arabs and then agreeing to the second partition, proposed by the United Nations, which would have given nearly half of the remainder to the Arabs.

Unfortunately, the Arabs weren't satisfied with nearly ninety percent; they wanted it all.]

Having said that, this will bring the fascist elements of the invaders (and they are many) to commit desperate acts. This will no doubt lead to more killing of Arabs in the near future. The world community should be put on notice that these fascists and their leaders should be tried for war crimes. The whole Zionist state should be held responsible for any more suffering the occupied Palestinian people will face.

[Any occupation effectively ended in the mid-1990's, when the governing of almost all the Arabs in the disputed territories was handed over to the Palestinian Authority.]

- The only viable solution remains the one democratic state where Palestine will go back to its Arab womb and where anyone who wants to live in Palestine will be free of hatred and will have the same duties, obligations and rights as anyone else that lives there.

[There already exists one democratic state in Palestine whose citizens have the same duties, obligations and rights. It's called Israel. Abudayyeh simply wants to destroy that one democratic state.]

Yousef Abudayyeh is is a long time activist, founding member of the National Council of Arab Americans, a member of the coordinating committee of the Beirut meeting, member of Al-Awda, the Right of Return Coalition and National Coordinator of the Free Palestine Alliance, USA. Married with two children and lives in San Diego, California USA.

Al-Awda is a radical group whose entire raison d'etre is the destruction of Israel.

It's instructive to read the hateful propaganda it and other anti-Israel partisans spread.

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