Saturday, October 4, 2008

Propaganda Voyage Delayed

This announcement comes from the Free Gaza Movement, which might more properly be called the "Keep the People of Gaza Prisoners of the Hamas Terror Gang Movement." They are delaying a planned propaganda exercise, apparently because some of the people from whom they were planning to buy boats realized they'd be abetting terrorism.

Delaying our Trip to Gaza

We, the members of the Free Gaza Movement, regret to announce a delay in our plans to return to Gaza this week. Last month, 44 ordinary people challenged Israel's stranglehold on the Gaza Strip, knowing that ordinary people can help create extraordinary change.

[Israel has no "stanglehold" on Hamastan. Like any other sovereign nation, it tries to control its border with that terrorist entity, while amazingly continuing to do whatever it can to help the ordinary people living there, but Hamastan also borders on Egypt.]

People said that it could not be done; we did it.

This week 22 of us came to Cyprus to fulfill our promise to return to Gaza.

[Of course, there is no reason to go to Cyprus in order to travel to Gaza. People go back and forth between Hamastan and Egypt every day, using the countless tunnels underneath the border and periodically going between them through the regular border when Egypt decides to open it.]

Because our two original boats were not suitable for this trip, we decided to lease or buy a sturdier boat. Unfortunately, every time we thought we reached an agreement with a boat owner, our agreement has fallen through, in part, we believe, due to outside pressure.

[It must have come from the Global Jewish Conspiracy.]

Though it is a very difficult decision to make, we have decided to temporarily delay our voyage.

[That's unfortunate; it would have been a pleasure to watch them try to swim from Cyprus to Hamastan.]

When we left Gaza at the end of August, we made promises to the people there: we will continue to tell the world that Israel still unjustly occupies Gaza;

[I.e. they will continue to lie. Israel completely left Gaza way back in 2005. Even before that, almost all of Gaza had long been under the control of the corrupt Palestinian Authority.]

… we will continue to support our friends in Gaza as they work to overcome the brutal policies of the occupation;

[Since the only occupier of Gaza is Hamas, does this mean the people of Gaza are finally waking up and working to overcome the brutal policies of Hamas?]

… and we will return to Gaza. These are promises we will keep.

We will continue to draw attention to the suffering that Israel has imposed on ordinary people just like us, in Gaza.

[Given that Gaza is completely free of Israeli control, it's difficult to understand how Israel can possibly impose suffering on the people there. Perhaps it's a spelling error and the writer mistakenly spelled "Hamas" as I-s-r-a-e-l?]

We will continue to support our friends in Gaza and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory as they work to end Israel's occupation of their land and lives. And, very soon, in the coming weeks, we will return to Gaza.

[Even the so-called West Bank has long been essentially free of Israeli-occupation, at least as far as the land in which almost all the Arabs reside.

However, truth has never been a strong point of the Israel-bashers.]

In the meantime we call on countries to live up to their obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention and to take action to challenge Israel's collective punishment of 1.5 million residents of the Gaza Strip.

[It's difficult to challenge something that doesn't exist.]

Greta Berlin
Media Team
Free Gaza Movement
357 99 08 17 67

The world would be a much better place if fanatics like Berlin put their energy into constructive pursuits rather than into supporting terrorists and trying to destroy the only beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

In the meantime, let all peace-loving people pray the "Keep the People of Gaza Prisoners of the Hamas Terror Gang Movement" continues to have difficulty finding a boat owner willing to help them promote terrorism and hatred.

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