Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Implicit Tribute to America: The Freedom of the Press

I got a kick out of reading this. In a way, it demonstrates what's great about American: even people who are at best nuts, at worst evil, have the right to peddle crackpot ideas.

This is the editor's comments from the September 8 issue of American Free Press, a publication that fully takes advantage of the gullibility of the ignorant.

The writer gave it the ironic title "Truth Prevails;" truth certainly doesn't prevail in the pages of American Free Press.

As we often do, we include some comments.

Personal From The Editor
Truth Prevails

You will find the story (page 3) about the SS Liberty's successful penetration of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip heart-warming and exhilarating. The ship, escorted by a sister ship, the SS Free Gaza, carried humanitarian aid to the Palestinians suffering under Israel's brutal occupation.

[This is almost funny.

The amount of "humanitarian aid" carried on the two propaganda ships was miniscule, dwarfed by the amount of real humanitarian aid given to the Palestinian Arabs on virtually a daily basis by Israel. (Virtually a daily basis because the provision of aid is frequently prevented by Arab terror attacks.

Gaza is suffering from a brutal occupation, but the occupier is Hamas; Israel completely left the Gaza Strip years ago.]

But it also had another major cargo: truth. The SS Liberty was named for the USS Liberty that was deliberately attacked by Israel in 1967, killing 34 Americans. Israel wanted to sink the ship, killing all aboard, so Arabs would be blamed and America conned into Israel's Six-Day War or attacking Russia. Zionists love for their enemies (everyone) to fight each other. All survivors, to the last man, said the attack was deliberate.

[Only the writer knows whether he is ignorant of the transcripts of the cockpit conversations, which conclusively prove the Israelis, in the midst of a fight for survival, did not know the ship was American.]

But your next-door neighbor probably thinks it was a tragic mistake and not deliberate.

[In which case, your next-door neighbor is correct.]

The mainstream media has imposed a complete blackout on this story. It is widely known in Europe, where the press is less under control of the banksters.

[Interesting choice of words. Who could those powerful banksters be?]

For example, the Washington Post carried a detailed story about the good ship SS Liberty on August 24. But the Post said not one word about the main mission: to get the truth about the sinking of the USS Liberty to the American people and the world. Decades ago, when USS Liberty survivors had been discharged and ungagged, they held a reunion in Washington, D.C. For two days, speakers stressed the deliberateness of the attack. The Post carried a lengthy story, describing one as a Christmas tree farmer, another as a store owner, etc. Deep inside the Liberty story, on the jump page, was a condescending mention that some thought the attack deliberate.

[Perhaps the writer was aware of the truth?]

When I raise the issue with other paperboys at the National Press Club, I hear howls of anti-Semitism. I explained that I frequently receive mail from subscribers who identify themselves as Jews who are Americans first. They are outraged by the attack on the USS Liberty. All of us criticize this country we love every day; it is a patriotic duty.

Why can't we criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic?

[It is perfectly possible to criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic. Patriotic Israelis do it all the time. So do American Zionists.

It's also clear that most of the criticism we hear is motivated by anti-Semitism, even though in individual cases it's difficult to be certain. Thus, allegations that specific criticism is motivated by anti-Semitism is extremely rare.

On the other hand, it certainly raises a red flag when someone strongly and unfairly criticizes Israel, whines about alleged accusations of anti-Semitism and uses code words like "banksters."]

James P. Tucker Jr.

[It's a tribute to the greatness of America that people like Tucker, who are disgraces to America, are free to peddle their trash.]

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