Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hatred on Display in Iran … and Rafsanjani is the "Moderate"

This article was in YNet News. There's not really anything surprising about it, but what I find interesting is that the West still considers Rafsanjani a "moderate."

Of course, in the context of the fanatic-dominated Iranian political scene, he is relatively moderate, but that only means he's not as nuts as some of the others, such as Iran's current president.

Iran holds annual pro-Palestinian march

Dudi Cohen

If the entire Muslim world "would come together to support the Palestinian people, it would break the spirit of the Zionists," said former Iranian president Akbar Rafsanjani in a Friday morning press conference.

The press meeting marked the opening of Iranian celebrations of 'Jerusalem Day', a national day to demonstrate Shiite solidarity with the Palestinians and Shiite support of the goal to 'emancipate' Jerusalem from Israel. It has been held every year since 1979 in the Islamic Republic on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

[They're not really interested in supporting the Palestinian Arabs; if that was their interest they'd be working towards peace with Israel. Their interest is simply venting their hatred of Israel, Jews and any society that has progressed in the last millenium.]

During the press conference, Rafsanjani also warned Israel and the United States of the price of attacking Iran, adding that he did not think that the two states would seriously consider undertaking such an attack.

International news agencies reported that thousands of people had gathered in Tehran for an annual Jerusalem Day march, chanting 'Death to Israel' and holding anti-Israeli and anti-American signs. Calls of incitement were heard both from leaders and participants.

One marcher, quoting the words of former Iranian leader Ayatollah Humeini, said "we must remove the cancer of the Zionist establishment." Iranian news agency IRNA reported that another marcher called on Israel to "stop its crimes immediately."

[The crime of existing.]

A book containing 52 caricatures of the Holocaust was displayed in Palestine Square in the Iranian capital.

[The Iranian president was warmly welcomed at the United Nations this past week.]

Mohammad Ali Ramin, Advisor to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that "Jerusalem Day is a day to report on the work of the Muslim world, to see what they've done to save the Palestinians in the previous year."

[As in the past, they've worked hard to ensure the Palestinian Arabs continue to reject peace and millions continue to live in squalor in refugee camps rather than build normal lives.]

Similar pro-Palestinian marches are planned in cities and towns across Iran.

[They are not "pro-Palestinian marches;" they are demogogic calls to hatred.]

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