Saturday, September 6, 2008

If Laura Booth Loves The Hamas Terrorists So Much, She Should Be Happy To Stay With Them

PP hasn't had time to comment on this news from a few days ago, but the subject says it all: Lauren Booth clearly loves the Hamas terrorists, so she should be very happy to stay with them in Gaza/Hamastan.

Blair relative trapped in Gaza

Middle East envoy Tony Blair's sister-in-law is trapped in the Gaza Strip.

Lauren Booth arrived in Gaza nearly two weeks ago on a boat filled with activists protesting the Israeli blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. When the boat left Aug. 28, she remained with several other activists.

Booth has been refused entry to both Israel and Egypt through their border crossings with the strip. Israel has a policy of refusing entry to anyone from Gaza who did not come through Israel, an Israel Defense Forces spokesman told Reuters.

Egypt would not allow Booth and two other activists to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Booth told Reuters that she was told Egypt was acting under pressure from Israel.

The London-based Telegraph said it is not known if Blair, the former British prime minister who represents the diplomatic Quartet grouping of the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia, has tried to intervene on Booth's behalf.

One other comment: Booth obviously hates Israel, so why does she want to go to it?

Suggestion to Booth: Learn to swim.


BlairSupporter said...

Yes, great idea. Ms Booth should be happy to stay there. Then providing she isn't 'slaughtered' by some group like the one threatening to do such to her brother-in-law a couple of months ago in Gaza, she might manage to work out the complexities of the situation and understand that all the right/wrong is NOT on one side. It seldom is.

I have written about this here at my blog:

She might also understand better her own predicament and her own responsibility in putting herself into such a war zone against ALL advice.

It is interesting that "Mr Blair is not able to assist" - his spokesman's words, not mine.

primerprez said...

Good points, blairsupporter. I recommend you comments on your blog to others.

I suspect the intonation "Mr Blair is not able to assist," really meaning he's embarrassed by his sister-in-law and would be perfectly happy if she stayed in Gaza/Hamastan and kept her mouth shut, is on target.

BlairSupporter said...

Yes, primerprez,

Or that he doesn't particularly feel inclined to assist. After all she is the stupid woman who made a puerile video with George Galloway, in which they both dressed up as police officers and arrested the 'Blair' actor as a war criminal.

The woman and her friends are absolute nincompoops!