Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Surprise, Surprise

September 23rd, 2007

Wanted Tanzim operative arrested after returning to militant activity despite agreement

In a joint IDF, ISA and special Border Police force operation this evening in the village of Qalil, south of Nablus, the force arrested a wanted operative of the Tanzim terror organization, a Fatah offshoot.

8 pipe bombs, a rifle and a handgun were uncovered in the structure where the operative, Fares Natzer Hassin Abu Na'eem, was hiding. The bombs were detonated in a controlled manner by Border Police sappers.

The wanted operative, a 21 year-old resident of the village of Qalil, was involved in bombing and shooting attacks against IDF forces. Abu Na'eem was a party to the August 2007 agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, and had pledged to cease militant activity in exchange for being taken off the list of wanted operatives. Recent information received about Abu Na'eem indicated that he had returned to his militant activity, which constitutes a severe violation of the agreement.

Is anyone surprised? The real question is whether any of the released terrorists are abiding by their signed commitment to refrain from additional terrorist activity. One wonders why Israel continues to release terrorists in "goodwill" gestures whose main consequences are encouraging Arab intransigence and more death.

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