Monday, September 3, 2007

More Muslim Hypocrisy

It wasn't long ago that Muslims around the world protested Israeli construction of a bridge to the Temple Mount. They complained the construction of the bridge, needed to replace an older bridge that had collapsed, was undermining the Temple Mount.

The fact that the construction was outside the Temple Mount and could not possibly cause any damage did nothing to deter those protests. The fact that the Muslim Waqf has repeatedly performed excavations which have damaged the Temple Mount and archaeological treasures also did nothing to deter those protests.

They were just another opportunity to inflame Muslims against Israel and another attempt to see much much the rest of the world would indulge their fanatical hatred of everything Israeli.

(At the present time, Israel is redesigning the bridge to avoid damaging any artifacts.)

Meanwhile, unsupervised construction by the Muslim Waqf has continued and is damaging irreplaceable antiquities — and the world sleeps!

According to an article Antiquities Exposed by Arab Digging on Temple Mount by Aaron Klein published in WorldNetDaily, "A photo of a massive trench the Islamic authorities are digging on the Temple Mount - Judaism's holiest site - shows what appears to be a chopped up carved stone from Jewish Temple-era antiquity."

Possible carved stone from Jewish Temple-era antiquity exposed by digging at Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

According to archaeologist Eilat Mazar, it might be part of the Temple Wall, which Muslim authorities are apparently trying to destroy. This could be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in recent times.

The Israeli government has been over-solicitous of phony Arab and Muslim sensibilities since 2000, allowing the Muslim Waqf to vandalize the Temple Mount unimpeded for more than seven years.

Enough is enough. The Israeli government has to accept its responsibility for overseeing activity on what is its most important site, on its sovereign territory in its own capital.

All construction activity by the Muslim Waqf in Jerusalem must be halted immediately until it is reviewed by the Israel Antiquities Authority and all future activity must be done properly, under the supervision of the Antiquities Authority.

More photos are available at One Jerusalem Blog.

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