Saturday, September 8, 2007

Intentional misrepresentation-shame on you Palestinain media

GS Don morris, Ph.d.

First the story reported by Arab media, followed by some observations.Palestinian doctors decry Israeli descrimination against their patients

Bethlehem – Ma'an – A group of Palestinian doctors is calling on their colleagues not to be involved in discrimination by helping some patients to recieve treatment in Israel while others do not receive such permits.

The organization added that 44% of patients in Gaza who sent applications for treatments in Israel were rejected. Sixteen patients were rejected out of 44. Three of those who were rejected died.

Once gain the difference words can make and this time how poor math skills impact a story line. The headline could have read, to reflect the real facts: ‘Palestinian doctors appreciate Israel’s help with their high risk patients”

Israel treats its enemies. Let us not forget that Israel’s next-door enemy (9 miles from my personal home in Israel) tries to kill, maim or harm innocent Israeli citizens every day of every week. In spite of this we take the humanitarian high road and accept nearly two thirds of their most at risk patients. To frame this, as discrimination is not only inaccurate use of the English language, it is disingenuous.

Yes, whoever did the math must have failed 4th or 5th grade mathematics. Sixteen out of forty-four is NOT 44% -do the math! Once done correctly, the report could have said that nearly 2/3’s of at risk patients are accepted by Israel. Of course I would add, “this is most gracious of Israel given we are trying to murder their innocent citizens each day. We know of no other country who does this, even our Arab brothers do not allow it.”

It is all how you choose to report a story. We understand that the Palestinian media decides to intentionally misrepresent the truth and to inflame tensions among its own people. So is the respect for human life in the disputed territories!

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