Saturday, August 25, 2007

Routine Child Abuse in the Palestinian Authority

This past Tuesday, immediately after Kassam rockets had been fired from Gaza, two people who were moving towards the launchers, apparently sent to retrieve them, were killed by a tank shell. It turned out the two were nine and twelve year olds.

A source quoted in Ha'aretz <> said "This is a cynical use of children but we are no longer surprised by anything we see. A 14-year-old child has already fired an RPG rocket against an IDF force, a grandmother aged close to 70 fired a light weapon against a Givati [Brigade] force recently in the Strip. What were these children doing there anyway? The militants fled immediately after the launch and then sent the children to collect the launchers."

Such is the nature of the society developed by the Palestinian Authority. As Golda Meir observed, peace is not going to come until the Palestinian Arabs love their children more than they hate Israel.

As long as we accept the deviant behavior which is the norm among Palestinian Arabs and much of the rest of the Arab world, condescendingly believing they are not capable of any better, we only put that day off further into the future.

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