Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hamas Places Little Value on Arab Lives

We did not blackmail Israel, and we gave free information to Gilad Shalit's father and his family that Gilad Shalit is still alive. When he asked us to bring him a medical glasses for his sight, we did so as humanitarian duty. We treat Gilad Shalit in a humanitarian way that is in line with the Palestinians' morals.
So said Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, as quoted by CNN reporter Cal Perry. (Perry's entire story may be viewed at the CNN web site.)

Perry does point out Hamas is not treating Shalit in accordance with the guidelines in the Geneva Convention and Red Cross representatives have yet to be allowed to contact him. Shalit's parents have also insisted they have never been contacted by Hamas.

Perry further noted Ahmed Youssef, an aide to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on Monday that Hamas would consider releasing a videotape of Gilad Shalit if Palestinian Arab prisoners were released by Israel, proving that no shred of information was "freely" given to Israel by Hamas.

Yousef told Israel Radio: "When we released the voice recording of Schalit we expected something from Israel in return, namely, the release of women and children from Israeli jails."

Translation: to Hamas, the freedom of numerous Palestinian Arabs is not even equal to the freedom of one Israeli, being equal only to a voice recording and possibly a videotape. (Yousef also said: "If Israel would have done this we would have published a videotape of Schalit talking about himself.")

Golda Meir has been repeatedly criticized for pointing out peace will not come while the Palestinian Arabs love their children less than they hate Israel; meanwhile, the elected leadership of the Palestinian Arabs repeatedly demonstrates it places a lower value on the lives of its own people than it places on the lives of Israelis.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to add that HAMAS propaganda of hate among children to non-Muslim, to "others"(even to animals, like cat) sounds like protection of its non realistic position against Israel and other human society in the world for many, many years.
The posed hamas’s demand is not realistic to achieve by Israel government, and this hamas leader knows fairly well. He must be after power and not peace for his own people.