Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mahmoud Abbas Acknowledges Arab Terrorism

From Arab News, which calls itself The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily:

Abbas: Hamas Creating ‘Empire of Darkness’

By Hisham Abu Taha & Mohammed Mar’i, Arab News

RAMALLAH/GAZA CITY, 21 June 2007 — President Mahmoud Abbas lashed out at Hamas yesterday, accusing them of trying to build an “empire of darkness” in Gaza and pledging he would not talk to “murderous terrorists.”

This seems too little, too late, after Abbas destroyed the road map by refusing to adhere to its most important provision, the dismantlement of the terrorist infrastructure built up by the Palestinian Authority, but at least this admission will make it harder for Arab apologists to pretend Hamas is not a terrorist group.

Given Abbas' longtime involvement with the PLO and Fatah, he certainly is knowledgeable about Arab terrorist groups.

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