Friday, June 15, 2007

America Armed Hamastan

From the Associated Press and Jerusalem Post, June 13:

Fatah officials here confirmed that Hamas had seized large amounts of weapons and military equipment belonging to Abbas's security forces in the Gaza Strip. Some of the weapons were supplied to the PA in recent weeks by Egypt and Jordan as part of a US security plan to boost Fatah-controlled forces.

Hamas said it had seized thousands of M-16 and Kalashnikov rifles and pistols, communication equipment, armored vehicles, trucks, binoculars, military outfits, tents, sleeping bags, hand grenades, mortars and documents.

It's not as if Fatah or the Palestinian Authority were ever friends. If we're going to help arm anyone, the should be stable friends, not unstable enemies.

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KGS said...

Excellent point Primerprez, and continuing in the same vein...

...You cannot make peace with one's enemy, only with one's "former enemy"...