Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stop Hamas, Support Israel

[Sent by Sheri.]

A young friend felt the need to inform people about the true situation in Gaza, please forward to your list of members if you feel this would be helpful.

As I write this. The Israeli army has begun a ground offensive in Gaza. We have many friends whose children are now fighting in dangerous conditions there. We pray for G-DS protection.

Regards Sheri

Dear all,

Wars in the 21st century are fought and won in the public-media arena, not in the battlefield. Please take a few moments to distribute this mail to anyone you know.

Remember that in this type of war YOU have more influence than the solider in the battlefield. If you can create any further publication (video-youtube / audio / texts/ etc.) you are urged to do so.

Test yourself:

1. How many Jewish settlers live in Gaza?
a) A million
b) Ten thousand
c) A hundred thousand
d) Zero

2. How many Israeli soldiers are located in Gaza?
a) Approximately 20,000 -Israeli army is not prepared to reveal the exact figure
b) One
c) About 100,000
d) Zero

3. How many rockets has Hamas fired at Israel until Israel commenced its present actions?
a) One - Israel reacted immediately
b) 499 - Israel announced that it would react after 500 rockets have been fired, and this is what it did
c) 72 being the number of virgins a suicide bomber receives in heaven
d) More than 5000

4. Who supports Israel's actions in Gaza?
a) The Palestinians
b) Egypt
c) Every human being who cares about freedom, democracy and human rights
d) All the answers are correct

5. Why are the people of Gaza firing rockets into Israel?
a) In order to end the occupation of Gaza
b) In order to kill Jews

6. Since Hamas took control over Gaza it has invested in:
a) Improving infrastructure and the wellbeing of the population of Gaza.
b) Developing a TV series for children showing Mickey Mouse as a suicide bomber.
c) Killing Palestinians who support the secular and legal leadership of Fatah.
d) Answers b and c are correct

7. How is it that you did not know of this until now?
a) The Israelis have prevented the entry of the press
b) Hamas in Gaza prevents the entry of the press

1. d 2. b 3. d 4. b 5. b 6.

If you failed to know the right answers check the full story in the attached brochure.

Join the Facebook group "Stop Hamas, Support Israel."

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