Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Between the Lines: Abbas Again Confirms He's Not a Partner for Peace

It seems that every time Abu Mazen opens his mouth he demonstrates he really is just a bumbling version of Yasser Arafat in a suit.

Abbas: We will prove Israeli war crimes

Palestinian president vows to tell US envoy Mitchell that Israel is not serious about peace, says he will back efforts to prosecute Israel for war crimes 'that would make your skin crawl'

[He might be able to get more bigots to falsely claim Israel committed war crimes, but it's extremely difficult to prove something false.]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas vowed on Tuesday to take a tough stance in talks with Israel and said he would tell a US envoy that Israel's Gaza offensive proved it was not intent on peacemaking.

[I look forward to watching his nose grow.]

Abbas also said he would back international efforts to prosecute Israel for war crimes. "We will do all we can to prove Israel committed crimes that would make your skin crawl," Abbas said, referring to the Geneva Conventions. "We want the world to give us justice for once.

[The injustices of six decades of Arab war and terror can never be rectified.

The injustices of a decade of Kassam and Grad rockets launched from Gaza, not only by Hamas and Islamic Jihad but also by members of the Fatah terror group led by Abbas, directed at Israeli Sderot, Ashkelon and other Israeli cities and towns can never be rectified.]

"Israel does not want peace, otherwise it would not have done this. We need to understand this and tell it to those coming from Europe and America. Israel wants to waste time to strengthen facts on the ground with settlements and the wall."

[Translation: The only way Israel can prove to me it's interested in peace is to leave us alone while we slaughter Jews.]

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday promised Israeli military personnel state protection, in anticipation of various efforts to prosecute soldiers abroad.

Israel said its aim was to stop rocket fire into Israel from the Gaza Strip, which has been outside Abbas' control and in the hands of his Islamist rivals Hamas since June 2007.

Hamas survived Israel's onslaught, accusing its rivals in the Arab world of being "collaborators" who bet on Israel destroying the group. Hamas accuses the US-backed Abbas and his Arab allies of getting nothing in peace talks with Israel.

[Abbas has been offered tremendous concessions; he's just been unwilling to accept them. (Of course, he's also unable to deliver, so even if he signed an agreement it would be meaningless.)

Actually, Abbas bet on both sides. On the one hand, he rooted for Israel to destroy Hamas; on the other hand, he constantly undermined Israel's efforts.

On the one hand, he took advantage of the fighting in Gaza to crack down on his Hamas rivals in the West Bank. On the other hand, terrorists from his Fatah faction joined Hamas in fighting Israel in Gaza and in launching Kassam and Grad rockets at Israeli cities.]

"We want a state in the 1967 borders, a fair solution to the refugee issue, removal of settlements. There will be no going beyond these points or bargaining," said Abbas, on the defensive in the Arab world before Hamas' rhetoric of "resistance."

[There were no 1967 borders.

A fair solution to the phony settlement issue simply involves the Palestinian Authority starting to move the decendents of refugees out of the camps and into real homes.

Removal of settlements is a euphemism for ethnic cleansing.

As long as any Palestinian Arab repeats those assinine demands, it is clear they are not serious about peace.]

US peace envoy George Mitchell arrived in Egypt on Tuesday and is due to meet Abbas in Ramallah on Thursday, after new US President Barack Obama appointed him last week. Abbas said Palestinians are looking to Obama for progress: "He (Obama) has said good things. We are waiting to see if there is seriousness during this year about the peace process."

[Both Israel and the United States have always been serious about peace. The problem is the Palestinian Arabs have yet to be serious about peace.

Abbas, like so many others, either falsely accuses Israel of crimes for which the Palestinian Arabs are guilty or falsely attributes to Israel their own anti-peace attitudes.]

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