Monday, December 29, 2008

Back Into the Jackal's Mouth

David Basch

"Western powers, including Bush and Blair, and the Arabs are already engaged in a repeat of the Allied program of relocating ethnic population that was used to move 12 million ethnic Germans to Germany after World War II but it is the Israeli people today that are ethnics to be moved..."

Observing the Israeli surrender artists on television -- Olmert, Barak, and Livni -- the latest Israeli leftist suicide plan becomes evident. The suicide artists are having Israel fight and bleed so that Israel can act as stooge for Fatah in eliminating Hamas in Gaza so that Gaza can be surrendered to Fatah. This achieved, Israel can then proceed to further immolate herself by surrendering Gaza and the Eastern territories, putting Israel into the Fatah jackal's mouth.

As Olmert said on television, "We are not the enemies of the Gazan people." You see Olmert differentiates between Hamas and the Arab residents of Gaza that elected Hamas to lead them. What the insane Israeli leadership fails to recognize is that the goal of destroying Israel is the mainstream of all Arab parties. While Israel may now shed her blood to defeat Hamas, it only places Israel in the mortal danger that comes from the Arabs of Fatah.

Listening to the news, we see that Israel has Bush's support in fighting Hamas. He gives this encouragement to Israel so that Israel can fulfill his plan of appeasing his Arab oil friends by having Israel surrender her strategic territories to create a new Arab state, which would promptly become what Gaza is now -- an Arab military bastion attacking Israel from close quarters and a mortal danger to Israel's existence.

Bush indulges in his self-motivated delusion that what the Arabs miss is a spanking new Arab state on Israel's territories. Bush is wrong.

The Arabs miss a new state instead of Israel. And if the Arabs could get rid of Israel, the Arabs would rapidly lose interest in such a state, the same disinterest they showed when they had all the Israeli lands prior to the 1967 war that they say they now want for the sake of peace. What the pursuit of a new Arab state achieves for the Arabs is the return of Israel to her pre-67 Auswich borders that then encouraged the Arabs to attack. Bush is trying to help the Arabs to achieve that plan.

Were Israel governed by a sane leadership, it would recognize that, under conditions in which the Arabs think they can reverse the existence of Israel, the Arabs are an implacable enemy. Were the Arabs certain they could not ever win and would face devastation, Islam gives them license to desist from war and jihad. On the other hand, the more reason that Israel gives the Arabs to think that Israel can be defeated, the more hostile the Arabs become and the more unlikely is peace. Bush's policy of Israeli surrender of strategic territory for an Arab state encourages the Arabs to dream of eventually conquering Israel. This promotes war.

A sane Israeli policy would begin by frustrating the Arab dream of defeating Israel by making the Arab lever to achieve that end an ever shrinking possibility. Not only must Israel make it ever more unlikely that the Arabs will gain a new state but that they even have a war option to make it happen.

If the world wants peace in the region, the road to it is to make it most clear that Israel can't be defeated. A step toward that goal, for now, would be to take the opportunity that the warring Hamas currently gives to Israel to not merely hit tit for tat, but to decisively cut off Gaza from Egyptian supply. That will end the southern Arab challenge. Let the Gaza military machine atrophy for want of supply, whether it be under Hamas of Fatah since both are after the same goal of Israel's destruction.

The cutoff from Egypt, a condition stupidly surrendered by leftist Israel, is a decisive defeat for the enemy's military option. But such a cutoff should not be a return to the ineffective narrow Philadelphia route but the establishment of a new ten to twenty mile wide north to south corridor cleared of Arab inhabitants. (Gazans are not friends of Israel, only of Olmert.)

From that point, thought must turn to the solution on Israel's behalf of the policy that Western Allies used 50 years ago "for the sake of peace." This involved the relocation of a dangerous ethnic population from lands in which they threatened peace. Those who study history know that England and France and others of the Western powers had all the ethnic Germans outside Germany moved into Germany so that such populations would not serve as a pretext for a revived Germany to ever make war again. The condition is no different today in the Israeli territories. The Arab residents there serve as a pretext for continuing war against Israel by the surrounding Arab nations.

Relocation of the Arabs removes the danger of war with Israel.

Does that solution sound insane? As it stands now, the Arabs and Western powers are in fact practicing this solution. However, they have in mind its use for relocating Israel's people -- first into pre-67 Israel and then, no doubt, ultimately into the Mediterranean Sea -- a plan aided be Western leaders like Bush and Blair who assist the first phases of this plan. Thus the plan is to shrink Israel to ever smaller size until the Arabs can put the finishing touches on it to make Israel disappear.

The problem with this Arab solution that is currently being practiced in partnership with the West (and with the Israeli left) is that it will irrevocably lead to a bloody war to accomplish its last stages.

This could eventuate in a nuclear Samson option with cataclysmic destruction to the region. In contrast, the relocation of Arab populations into the vast land holdings of the Arab world is a far more doable project. What is more, under conditions in which the Arabs engage in hostilities, as is occurring in Gaza, this project can be helped along as a byproduct of the fighting. This would actually be happening were there a government in Israel that regarded Israel's ultimate survival as a priority.

Of course, the present surrender government of Israel has no such priority. Governing a collapsing Israeli nation for a period of ten to fifteen years is as far as their eyes can see. This is not the government that will save Israel. The Israeli people would do well to see to it in the next election that they elected another government.

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