Friday, December 12, 2008

And This is Israel's "Peace Partner?"

As Dennis Ross has realized, the United States (not to mention Israel) made a serious error in not recognizing the importance of continued anti-Israel incitement by the Palestinian Authority during the period when there was naive hope for the success of the Oslo Experiment.

The fact that the Palestinian Authority does not even exist in Gaza, ignoring the fact that it can't even control the portions of Judea and Gaza for which responsibility has been transferred to it by Israel, may mean that the Palestinian Authority would be incapable of upholding its responsibilities even if an agreement was reached, but reports such as the following by Palestinian Media Watch, demonstrate the leaders of the Palestinian Authority still have no interest in making peace.

PMW Bulletin: PA: UN did not offer Arabs a state in 1947

Bulletin Dec. 11, 2008 Palestinian Media Watch

PA historical distortion: UN did not offer Arabs a state in 1947
By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Palestinian Media Watch

Since its establishment, the Palestinian Authority has been rewriting history in an attempt to create historical legitimacy for its demand for statehood, as well as justification for the terror and wars against Israel since before Israel's establishment in 1948.

The latest example of historical revisionism is the rewriting of the UN Partition Plan of 1947, which recommended the division of the Land of Israel/Palestine into two states: one Jewish and one Arab.

The false Palestinian version of the Partition Plan was expressed on PA TV by Dr. Ahmad Subh, Deputy Minister in the PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who accused the UN of permitting in 1947 the establishment of only one state, Israel, and not of an Arab state.

The following are the words of Dr. Subh:

"The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Nov. 29 was not picked coincidentally, that's the anniversary of the [1947 UN] Partition Plan...

In 1977, the UN General Assembly decided to restore the Palestinian people's esteem, following the historic injustice which happened in 1947, when 'a birth certificate' was offered to one state instead of to two states.

One state [Israel] was permitted to be established, while the Palestinian state was not permitted to be established."

PATV (Fatah), Nov. 29, 2008

Click here to view PA rewriting of 1947 UN decision.

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