Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Plea From Edith and Abe Lieberman

Edith was my "boss" the last two winters while I volunteered at Laniado Hospital in Netanya. Edith and her husband Abe are amazing people and when she tries to get a message across to people I can't do anything other than try to help. - Alan Stein

Dear family, friends, donors to Laniado Hospital, my former students and Bnei Brith/Hadassah volunteers,

I can safely state that you most likely share with me the same frustrations and disappointments with the daily news as we watch even right leaning Fox News, which  broadcasts in Israel world events, and Israel's painful and serious news is hardly given coverage, even by the media favorable to Israel.

For sure, we are all upset and feel helpless as human beings cannot control natural disasters which devastated Japan, New Zealand, and other areas of the World. Our hearts are broken and we cry out to the world to hear and see about the massacre of the five members of the Fogel family, butchered in Itimar, Israel, by inhuman people.

Daily rockets land in various areas of Israel, and only through G-d's intervention lives are spared. Now, a ship, laden with a large cargo of deadly weapons, was captured by the Israeli Naval Forces, which was intended to be brought to Egypt... there, G-d forbid, it would have been smuggled into Gush Kativ and Gaza for the purpose of destroying Israel – where are the Governments in Europe and America, and other parts of the world, including the UN, which were demanding Israel to stop building settlements, and advance a process whereby Israel would have to give up part of its
G-d given land?

Why has there been no mention, as yet, of the ship, with its dangerous cargo, by any of the main news media, including Fox News. If not for my older son contacting Glen Beck on Fox News, there may have been no mention at all of the Fogel family massacre.

You know what I am trying to tell you without actually spelling it out –  you and I cannot waste time ...we must act now to speak out loud and clear to the US Congressmen and Senators, those of you in America, and we, in Israel, must contact the Knesset Members of all political parties ...... Israel must cease all peace talks, for now the world has seen the proof and truth that there are no intentions of any Arab governments to make peace with us, or to recognize our Nation's existence.

Let us pray that Hashem will continue to stand by us and guide us.

Let us enjoy the holiday of Purim while keeping in mind that we must act quickly and effectively to influence the leaders in America and Israel that Israel must remain on its G-d given land to protect its nation's future and be enabled to remain the only true ally to America in the Middle East.

From my heart I wish you, one and all, good health and happiness, together with all your loved ones, be strong, have the courage to fight for what you believe in, and let us share with one another only happy tidings.

Edith and Abe Lieberman and family

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