Sunday, March 13, 2011

Call it what it is: Absurdity beyond the pale

GS Don Morris, Ph.D.

Today’s headline reads:

UN: New settlement building not 'conducive to peace'

AND this was followed with these audacious comments: “UN special coordinator Robert Serry was "concerned" by media reports of 500 new housing units to be constructed in the West Bank, AFP reported Serry's spokesman Richard Miron as saying Sunday.”

Serry was further quoted as saying he felt that this decision to build more units was not conducive to efforts to renew negotiations regarding peace-huh? He shared the requisite “condemnation” statement and then he attributed the actions to acts of extremists. What hollow words these are and how inaccurate they are indeed.

Juxtapose these with the following:
1. The murderer went room to room stabbing the parents, a three-month girl (slashed her throat for G-d’s sake) and then methodically butchered two young boys.
2. Hamas described the attack as a “heroic operation” and handed out sweets and candies to their people who joined the celebration.
3. The Palestinian Authority just three weeks ago glorified on television to “their people’ a terrorist who murdered three Israelis back in 2002. Yes, the “moderate ones, those the current USA government has declared as “peace partners” socially approved of such behavior.
4. PA Chairman Abbas awarded $2000 to the family of another murderer who attacked and tried to kill Israeli soldiers within the last two months; this is moral?
5. Abbas’s advisor, the day before this horrendous attack upon a sleeping family said it was necessary to turn their weapons upon the main enemy-Israel.
6. A Fatah group claimed responsibility for this inhumane murder spree.
I can cite multiple scenes of immoral actions taken by not only the “other side” that flies in the face of the UN’s irrational claim that we in Israel are to blame. Yes, implicit within Serry’s audacious claim is the mantra of, “If Israel would only refrain from building, then peace would break out all over the territory.”

How can any caring, thinking human being arrive at the conclusion that the aforementioned acts of savagery can be described and classified as being an act of morality? For G-d’s sake, the despicable act of slashing a few month’s old infant, asleep in her crib, is precisely what it truly is, an act of barbaric human behavior.

What is equally disturbing is major Western media outlets choose, yes, it was a choice, to spin the event as an action taken in response to the existence of Israeli “settlements” thereby excusing, providing social and political cover for individuals who profess to be humanistic people.

You mean to tell me, you actually have the audacity to suggest that a thee month old innocent infant, by virtue of her geography and ethnicity was reason enough to perpetrate such an act of human degradation? Yet, this is precisely what one is meant to believe if you read their representation of the murders.

Let’s call this reporting what it is, let’s us take our anger, our rage and state the truth. The Western media buried the true nature of the event and choose to align it with the “settlement” issue-you know what, here is my reply” How dare you!!

Contrary to the UN’s improper and insensitive statement today, Abbas has intentionally chosen not to pursue peace. You know the history of the last 14 months. He instead tossed out another strategy to see if it would “fly”. It resonated with his Arab colleagues and even now with certain Western leaders: unilaterally call for statehood and it has gained traction. Why then speak as if he cared about negotiations? Call this what it is, a form of extortion and blackmail while lying to the Western leaders that he really would like to talk peace with the Israelis, but, well, you know, those Israelis refuse to give more land/territory and after all they keep building or want to build…

By the way, Abbas’ move is illegal according to international law. Of course, it is convenient to ignore this given the media and academic cover he is being afforded in the West. How shameful is this? Apparently there is no shame among those willing to de-legitimize Israel’s right to exist and to exist on its historical homeland. I know, I know, it really is not ours to begin with, is it my Islamic friends?

There is no motivation to resume talks, let us be quite honest, for a change. Look at the data; Abbas et al have ramped up the rhetoric to invalidate our very existence and where are our “international friends”? Ah, like junior high school students, they give way to the bullies of the middle East out of fear for possible results of standing up like ethical men and women and supporting our human values. The audacity is truly beyond the pale and you should be ashamed, really ashamed of your actions.

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There is NO Santa Claus said...

I find it quite insulting when someone tells me I can't build a home somewhere because I'm Jewish. I wonder how our President would feel if someone told him he couldn't build a home somewhere because he's Black. I don't think he'd feel any less insulted of he was told the rationale was that it "violates international law".

This is what the Jewish people are told every day repeatedly. I'm surprised Jews haven't stood up to it.

Every time the State Department gripes about Jews building homes, they show their hand as to their sentiment toward Jews. I think this behavior also gives strong hint as to who the State Department's masters really are. I'll give you a hint: It isn't the American people.