Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hate and Prejudice on ABC News

This letter appeared in my emailbox and I thought it important to help spread it around.

Mr David Westin, President of ABC
Foreign Desk, Producers and Staff
ABC News Department

I am writing because I am very upset that you have allowed hate and prejudice to permeate your programming.

In a fair and impartial news broadcast, facts would be presented as accurately as possible. I am angry that ABC staff does not meet this standard, but has an agenda and presents false information as "hard news."

Concerning the "Flotilla" FOX ran the footage over and over. The Turkish ambush of the Israeli sailors was clear to see. The scenes of the Israelis being savagely beaten with iron pipes, stabbed, and one thrown overboard told a different story than the one ABC presented.

ABC's doctored footage merely showed an IDF sailor descending from a rope, and right before he was assaulted by the iron pipes, the pictures stopped. No information about Israeli warnings, offers to transport the cargo, or mention of the savage beatings the Turks inflicted was reported.

The next picture was meant to deliberately mislead. It showed armed men aiming guns. The clear intention of the producer was to imply that the sailors landed safely and pulled guns on the passengers. Deliberate distortions meant to deliberately mislead - otherwise called lies.

Another "set up" to spread disinformation and hatred of Israel was a scene in Gaza of a bomb destroyed building. An Arab child and mother walking in the rubble was a false picture of most of Gaza. Clearly the producer of the film wanted to leave the impression that the destroyed area was what all of Gaza looked like. That is another entirely false picture. In fact, visitors to Gaza are amazed how little damage there is - they had expected to see devastation, but Gaza looks very much as before Operation Cast Lead.

ABC news never reported the on-going rocket attacks fired from Gaza. Over 8,000 rockets were launched into Israel from Gaza. That is 8,000 times ABC could have reported on this assault, but 8,000 times ABC did not tell the story. ABC ran no pictures of the devastated Israeli houses, cars, property. There were no interviews in hospitals with wounded victims. There were no social workers or psychologists discussing the sheer terror of many Israelis - never knowing when a rocket of death may head their way. There were no stories of underground/ indoor playgrounds, of the new wing of the Hadassah hospital being constructed three stories down, with bomb shelters and operating rooms and safe areas to try to protect patients (and many are Arabs) from the Arab rocket/missile attacks.

When Israel was forced to respond to the on-going rocket fire from Gaza, it warned innocent Arabs to leave weapon storage areas. Over one million flyers were air-dropped. December 28, over 300,000 leaflets were dropped throughout the entire Gaza Strip. On 12/29, 80,000 leaflets, on Jan.3, 300,000, on Jan. 5 - 300,000 leaflets dropped in Gaza City, Khan Yunis and Rafah. On 12/27 20,000 telephone calls were made, on 12/29 10,000 calls were made.

Breaking into local radio transmissions (Radio Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Radio and Radio PFLP) this warning was given: "The IDF will hit and destroy any site or building containing ammunition or weapons. As of the publication of this announcement, the life of anyone in whose home ammunition and weapons are to be found is in danger, and he must leave the place for the sake of his safety and that of his family. "

Not one word of this did ABC report.

Pinpoint bombing of weapons storage sites did inflict damage. Now, six months later, 78% of the damaged sites have been repaired. To show a still damaged area, with the distinct intention of falsely asserting that all of Gaza looks like that area, is another outright hoax . That matches the false reports of a "humanitarian crisis " in Gaza. The enclosed sheet lists the staggering amount of food (ONE TON PER PERSON) and products that the Arabs in Gaza have available. Your photographers never show the abundance in stores and street markets. "The Financial Times" reports that "there is such a glut of goods in Gaza that prices for food, luxury items, clothing are plummeting."

The flotilla footage was deliberately cut and pasted. It was totally fraudulent. I wonder if your producers are on the oil-rich Arab payroll, or just hate Israelis and Jews and want to cause harm. In the age of the Internet, and FOX showing what ABC did not, by doctoring the footage, the sights and smells of prejudice at ABC abound.

If there are any decent and fair-minded people at ABC, I hope they will note these unreported facts, which can be substantiated and verified. Perhaps your decent and fair-minded people would insist on that type of reporting. Not like the supporters on your staff of Hamas and Hezb'Allah, who want the world to believe their lying and evil stories.

Roberta E. Dzubow
Plymouth Meeting, PA

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