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Free Gaza-from what, from whom-do you mean from autocratic control by Hamas?

                           GS Don Morris, Ph.D.

                               June 15, 2010
The world just cannot get enough of the flotillas-I think anything to do with trouble on the “high seas” implies days of yore when pirates raided peace-loving ships. This becomes such an opportunity for the MSM to create fantasies regarding the actual events and individuals participating in them. Of course, one problem is the media creates a fictitious narrative-their motto, “don’t confuse the truth (our story) with the facts.
The leadership in the West acts timidly and is interpreted as incredibly weak-the doors for such “flotilla” behavior are open wide to all bent upon destruction. So much of the MSM narratives are distortions, lies and intentional misrepresentations-the end result is that MSM gains even greater access to the provocateurs. The result is “inside” information or so they think or they are threatened with not ever again having availability to their leaders or their territory. Well, a reporter must report so they dutifully march to their puppet masters. Ratings resound and this cycle is currently in a self-sustaining spin.
Credible, courageous and ethical reporters would return to the “old days” when the media was the conscious and watchdog for all of us. They would do their homework, engage in the laborious albeit not glorified diligent acts of research and display their ethical character by writing the truth.
Siege, occupation, humanitarian disaster, and illegal activity are the leading headlines resonating among a public that is ignorant of the facts on the ground or driven by an anti-Israel agenda.
Let’s examine some of these descriptors. I believe a siege exists when a place is isolated to the degree that assistance and/or supplies are not available. Above ground transportation of goods and products seem to discredit this claim. Here are the hard, cold facts-you then look me in the eye and with no smile tell me this is characteristic of a siege.
COGAT data:
Despite attacks by Hamas, Israel maintains an ongoing humanitarian corridor for the transfer of perishable and staple food items to Gaza. This conduit is used by internationally recognized organizations including the United Nations and the Red Cross.

Well over a million tons of humanitarian supplies entered Gaza from Israel over the last 18 months equaling nearly a ton of aid for every man, woman and child in Gaza. Millions of dollars worth of international food aid continually flows through the Israeli humanitarian apparatus, ensuring that there is no food shortage in Gaza.

Since the end of the IDF operation in Gaza (18 Jan 2009) until 5 June 2010, 1,025,686 tons of aid, 49,610 tons of cooking gas and 136,097,330 liters of fuel have been delivered to the Gaza Strip.1 

If reporters told the truth they would let you know that food and supplies are shipped from Israel to Gaza six days a week. Along with the false siege banner I hear Gaza is “an open air prison”-how then do you reconcile that in 2009, 10,544 Gazans and their companions left for medical treatment in Israel. During the week of April 11-17th nearly 500 patients and companions crossed from Gaza into Israel for medical treatment, while another over 100 Gaza residents crossed into Israel for other reasons, and roughly 200 internationals crossed in and out of the Gaza Strip.2

The United Nations, a fine organization, is keeping people employed by controlling the monies (income) flowing into the Gazans pockets. Yes, some $200 million so far this year with another $100 million pledged for this year. How come the “press” failed to mention that the USA is giving $900 million in aid to Gaza yet only $700 million to Haiti-now there is a population is authentically in need. Remember, this is only the legal “above ground” support.  Many of us have reported on the “tunnel economy and industry” that is flourishing in Gaza.  Oh yes, supported and encouraged by the “elected” Hamas officials running daily operations in Gaza –hmm, this seems to represent a conflict of interest. No, of course not, this is another evil Israeli trick. The irresponsible and ethically unstable reporting then has the audacity to link this to a humanitarian crisis. 3,4 If the MSM were doing their job they go to parts of the world where there is real humanitarian crisis-Africa, e.g., Ethiopia, Eritrea, Zambia, Malawi. Millions upon millions of people are starving and dying daily-yet, where does the MSM focus-Gaza! 5
There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza other than the complete repression of its people by the Hamas political and military wings.

Did I mention that this aid, the supplies, the exodus of tens of thousands (since 2005) into Israel by Gazans all continued as Hamas reigned rockets onto the Israeli citizens as well as during the recent attack in logic and truth of the ”flotilla floaters”? Yes, and Gaza’s southern border with Egypt and all of Egypt’s ports remained blockaded to ships trying to get into Gaza yet the MSM fails to tell you or even mention this factoid. How about some young brave reporters break this dirty little secret to the world community. Come on, a siege, humanitarian crisis, you can’t be serious. Are people hurting, yes? Are conditions for some poor, yes? On the other hand, when the reporters, NGO’s, Celebrities and Academics are taken on a Gazan tour do they ever show you the gorgeous homes, invite  you for a swim at one of their swimming pools, the entertainment clubs or do they even have the courtesy to invite you to one of their fine restaurants? No, why do you believe they don’t? What is to their advantage to show you only the dismal areas?

Siege, open air prison, crisis and they still did not tell you how they destroyed a $100 million business replete with factories, packing facilities, shipping facilities and employing hundreds and hundreds of fellow Gazans? Yes, when Israelis were ethnically cleansed or purged from Gaza such an international flower business was left for them. Hamas and other Gazans promptly demolished all of it!! They destroyed this business and you dare lecture Israel about a crisis? What does exist is a crisis of belief, truth, and a disturbing reality that we live in a world today that has not the intestinal fortitude to stand along side us.

The folks occupying Gaza are only Arabs under the control of Hamas-an identified terrorist organization determined to destroy what we all value. Sept. 12, 2005-remember what happened? Israel “left the building” and what followed was destruction beyond logic and even emotion. Every building left standing was destroyed, very place of worship was burned to the ground-hmm, could these not have been turned into useful business locations or housing complexes? Of course, but the Jews again are to blame.  Some ignorant people still believe Israel is occupying Gaza, huh? That is a worn out lie but if you don’t know the real facts or if you don’t have the courage to challenge those who perpetuate the lie, no wonder it persists in the world.

Gaza has become its own worst nightmare and it is of its own doing. It continues to injure, maim and kill Israeli civilians with unprovoked attacks. The “tunnel arms highway” is flourishing as previously noted. They continue to demonstrate the desire to use weapons against us. Therefore, Israel has to continue the naval blockade to stop said weapons from reaching the shore. As proven beyond a shadow of a doubt all other aid flows into Gaza. Hamas has behaved badly and cannot be trusted thus the ships are legally stopped.

Yes, according even to the United Nations, blockades are legal. Historically they have been used by the British (1800’s, WWI, WWII) and who can forget the USA blockade of Cuba backing 1962? Why even the multi-national forces engaged recently in Iraq have used effectively a blockade strategy. Using any number of International laws/codes/agencies our Blockade is legal.In dealing with the question of Israel’s right to halt the flotilla, there is an extraordinary amount of international hypocrisy going around generated by those who ignore the past practices of other states at war as well as the true humanitarian situation in Gaza. Naval blockades are a legitimate instrument that states employ for self-defense.6   This is fact and we stand by the law. If the law does not support your narrative and if you use international laws to attempt to make your case, then you must engage the entire law not only the parts you think justify our point of view.  Selective use of international law is much like selective listening-we know how much trouble that gets you into over time.

So crazy people stop the lies, tell the truth. Given the preceding facts I suggest that the incoming ships, aka flotilla, will be breaking international law if they attempt to cross into Gaza-we will do what the law permits-we will interdict, transport what, if any, humanitarian aid is aboard to Gaza-as we have been doing for all these years. The MSM, United Nations, EU and the USA can prevent any future incidents by simply stepping up to the plate and striking out to the interlopers.
                        End Notes

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