Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Refusing to Understand Jihad

This letter was sent to the manager of the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville. Anyone wishing to reinforce the message of the letter may write the manager at:

Hotel Manager Director Tom Negri
Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
2100 West End Ave.
Nashville, Tennessee 37203,

call the manager at (615) 320-1700 or send a message through the hotel's website at

Dear Mr. Negri:

It has come to my attention that The New English Review Symposium on "Understanding Jihad in Israel Europe and America" was scheduled to take place in your hotel. You somehow decided, after agreeing to their request, that freedom of speech in the US was no longer important.

I am sorry to inform you but the Muslims in this country will instill fear in all Americans because you refuse to say this is a free country. You allow free speech as long as it agrees with your agenda. There is no Sha'aria law here. In this country there is religious plurality. In other words, all religions have every right to practice their faith without infringing on other religions. By doing what you did, you gave in to the famous line that you would have a security problem. What a bunch of bologna.

Why did your hotel agree to allow this symposium to take place and suddenly you decided to shut it down? Don't look for all kinds of excuses.

How did you come up with this garbage that you were worried about the following: "health and safety reasons to protect employees and hotel guests?"

Health issues? Do the people who were taking part in this symposium have HIV or Swine Flu? Maybe your Muslim comrades threatened to burn down the hotel? A periodical stated, "Negri should stick to clean sheets, clean bathrooms and stay out of politics." Continuing, "we might add he should stay away from denial of free speech and an exchange of views under our First Amendment." If you want to fix the broken immigration system then do it and don't take it out on the basic right of free speech.

I promise you that there are many people, relatives, friends and business contacts, who won't be considering going near your hotel now. I'm so happy you chose the Jihadis over Americans. The symposium did take place at an undisclosed place. There were no health or security issues. I'm sure they called in the CDC to sterilize the place before the symposium began. Nashville must have brought in SWAT, CSI and the FBI to secure the area.

These comments and others will be published in the Nashville papers and in other papers throughout the US. Next time you might consider why the United States of America is such a great country.

Stephen Rubin
Fairfield, CT

Note: The periodical referred to is Israpundit.

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