Thursday, April 10, 2008

It doesn't have to be a zero sum game

From JTA's Daily Briefing:

Too Much Obama

The past few days have seen a rash of Barack Obama stories, including a look in the L.A. Times look at why some Palestinians like the Illinois senator. (read more)

The prevailing wisdom seems to be that one has to choose between the Palestinian Arabs and the Israelis. That wisdom is prevailing, but it's wrong.

The debate is really between those who are pro-Israel and those who are anti-Israel. Very few of those who are pro-Israel are anti-Arab or anti-Palestinian Arab, while those who are anti-Israel may claim to be "pro-Palestinian," but de facto they are acting against the best interests of the Palestinian Arabs.

For six decades - in reality, far longer, since it began long before the reestablishment of Israel - the Arab strategy has been negative sum strategy, since they keep making things worse for everyone, especially the Palestinian Arabs.

Those who are truly interested in the well-being of the Palestinian Arabs inevitably strongly support Israel, since Israel is the only country in the Middle East that ever really does anything to help the Palestinian Arabs.

The best thing that could happen for the Palestinian Arabs would be for Israel to totally destroy Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and the other terror groups, including the supposedly "moderate" Fatah, which have, more than anything else, made life miserable for their own people.

The best thing anyone interested in the welfare of the Palestinian Arabs can do is to strongly support Israel and encourage Israel to destroy the forces which have, in their hatred of the Jewish state, have created and perpetuate misery for the Palestinian Arabs.

A prime example is yesterday's murderous attack by Arabs from Hamastan on the Nahal Oz depot used to supply them with fuel. Even as Arab terrorists attack, Israel puts its own people in danger to take care of the needs of the residents of Hamastan ... and the terrorists do their best to prevent Israel from helping them!

The anti-Israel strategy is a negative sum game; the pro-Israel strategy is a positive sum game which benefits everyone.

The following is the text on JTA's web page, with links to additional commentary.

Political Tidbits: Too much Obama

By Ami Eden on Apr 10, 2008

The L.A. Times looks at why some of Barack Obama's admirers think he’ll be the most committed to hammering out a two-state solution.

Lanny Davis writes in the Wall Street Journal that he’s still not satisfied with Obama’s handling of the Jeremiah Wright issue.

Ben Smith on how the Jewish press is getting the most love from Obama.

JTA's Lisa Hostein wonders why the press has to jump through so many hoops to get on-the-record access to Obama's Jewish fans.

Jake Tapper of ABC News says: Obama is no Abe Foxman.

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