Tuesday, November 6, 2007

With Respect Mr. Peres

GS Don Morris, Ph.D.
November 6, 2007

President Shimon Peres spoke at the closing ceremony of the Saban forum. According to him, if the Annapolis conference ends in failure, “it will be a real catastrophe”. He also emphasized that it is terrorism and not Islam that is the enemy of Israel, and that moderate Muslim leaders must be strengthened at all price.

He could not be more wrong, more incorrect. This kind of thinking is what Israel’s leadership has been operating out of during the last 8 years; some would argue much longer than these 8 years. This is also a prime example of someone who is so wedded to his positions that there is no possibility of change. Shimon Peres has after all won a Nobel peace prize for adopting this stance. He has had his behavior reinforced time and again by those most psychologically important to him and he is thus able to easily discount any of us who would dare challenge his thinking. Finally, and I regret I must write this is an example of an old man so very concerned about his place in history, his reflective and thoughtful vision no longer exists.

If you only examine the last 17 years of his career, you can better understand why I write such things. His point of reference is Arafat and more Arafat. His focus of attention was on local terrorism and this has become fixated within Mr. Peres’ entire perception of today’s unfolding events. The events, people, circumstances and situations are no longer the same yet his approach is rooted in the era in which he was so reinforced. It happens to all of us.

Terrorism is but a tactic and for one to suggest that a tactic is our enemy demonstrates a misunderstanding of today’s world. Define the enemy! Develop strategies and then use appropriate tactics to defeat your enemy. What is common to all of our “border” enemies? Yes, they are Arabs, who happen to driven by Jihadist Islam. Don’t believe it; examine Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Iran you know. The Saudis do not even allow us inside their country-must I continue? I defined the situation using my words selectively, please I know who is in ”power” within each of these countries, hence my use of language. Mr. Peres, it is NOT a tactic of terrorism that is Israel’s enemy-please refrain from such incorrect talk. I realize it supports some other powerful leaders but it undermines the security of Israel.

Finally, what moderate Muslim leaders? Abbas? Fatah? Who, Mr. Peres are you talking about? Why did you mention Muslim leaders if you do not believe the problem is a religious one? Have you not just contradicted yourself?

It is also a shameful suggestion to strengthen them "at all price". This is precisely what you and your cohorts did after Oslo up to the present time. The results speak for themselves. Do you all really know nothing about human behavior? Do you not really know how Arabs perceive this kind of strategy? If the answer is “No” to these last two questions, Israel must discount your suggestions forthwith! If you respond, “Yes” to either or both questions I question your ethical positioning of Israel’s security within the hands of leaders whom have outcomes shrouded in failure. Mr. Peres, step away from offering advice, involving yourself in political decisions and simply do your ceremonial job of President with the dignity we have come to expect from you-this is more than enough-your service to Israel is so noted and acknowledged.


primerprez said...

I agree it's not terrorism which is the enemy, with terrorism just being a tactic that's been effective, but I wouldn't say Islam is the enemy. I'd say the enemy is Jihadist Islam, or Islamism, abetted by Arab Christians who are blind to the reality they'd be next if their fanatical Islamist friends succeeded.

GS Don Morris, Ph.D. said...

I agree with your observation. However, following my own advice to Mr.Peres, I have become open to the possibility that those who practice Islam, in its current configuration must also be included in the list of Israel's enemies.As I began my study of Islam, some time ago, I entered thinking my current position is incorrect. At this point in my studies,the original format of Islam interpreted figuratively places us in the opposition. Those Muslims willing to examine and then reform Islam and question its current practice are courageous and deserve our support.