Thursday, May 17, 2007

Will the media continue to pretend Hamas has ever adhered to a cease fire?

It's reminiscent of the line in Tom Lehrer's song, National Brotherhood Week: "and everyone hates the Jews."

Hamas and Fatah have amply shown both that they hate each other and Israel certainly has nobody to negotiate with, since even if either Hamas or Fatah acted in contradiction to their charters and came to an agreement with Israel, the agreement would be worthless.

Still, in the midst of their gang-stye murdering of each other, and while the media still refers to Hamas as "largely adhering to a cease fire with Israel, Hamas not only launched dozens of Kassam missiles at Israeli civilians but openly claimed "credit" and announced it planned to launch more.

In the Alice-in-Wonderland world of intra-Palestinian Authority politics, the one surefire way to increase support is to murder Israelis.

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BillT said...

Nope. They'll just show up when Israel is forced to take action to protect women and children and decry the "militaristic" Israelis.