Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around

Ironies abound regarding the current fighting between the Lebanese army and Arab terrorists, euphemistically referred to by the press as "Islamic militants." Unfortunately, in what amounts to dereliction of duty, these ironies are generally not mentioned by the press.

I just heard a Lebanese government spokesperson explain how the government must exercise its sovereignty over all of Lebanon. Of course, had Lebanon done so earlier, it would have avoided all its current problems; however, since the terrorists operating from Lebanese soil were primarily directing their weapons at innocent Israelis, Lebanon had no interest in intervening.

Throughout the Arab world, the terrorism virus which they nurtured as a tool to use against Israel has inevitably mutated, bringing with it internal terrorism that threatens the very regimes that created it. Similarly, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union trained terrorists as part of its strategy for wooing Arab regimes; today, terrorism is a major problem for the successors of the Soviet Union.

A key lesson is that the tools honed in the genocidal battle to destroy Israel are eventually used against their creators as well as those who look the other way because it is the Jews who are being murdered. Even Fatah is now reaping what it has sowed.

But one would never know from reading newspapers or watching the news on television.

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