Friday, May 20, 2022

Ode to The New York Times

(Posted here with the permission of the poet.)

Ode to The New York Times

By Elinor Weiss

(with apologies to John Keats)

The New York Times

Seems to hate the Jews

But for many of us

That’s really not news.

Take the Holocaust

The terrible genocide

When Jews were slaughtered

Simply a paragraph inside.

But now it’s not correct

To be an anti Semite

So the grey old lady

Tries to make it look right.

It turns its words

Against the Jewish nation

Israel is demonized

As a repulsive sensation.

Reporters like Yazbek

Filled with hate

Write  lies about

The Jewish State.

Yazbek loves Hamas

Terrorists supreme

Yazbek’s views of Jews

Are quite extreme.

She justifies violence

Against Israelis

The pay to slay ethics

Is never reported in the daily.

Terrorist attacks

Against Israelis in the cities

Don’t merit the Times’ journalists

Sympathies or pities.

The Times is clueless,

It doesn’t seem to know

That Hamas wants all of Israel

To go.

Any evil,

Anything bad,

Is blamed on Israel,

Just sad, sad, sad!

Misleading subheadings,

Misuse of words

So that its readers will think

Israel as a turd.

But to be fair

When holidays come around

Jews hating being Jewish

Are the ones Times has found.

You can be sure to read

Why Hanukkah is overrated

Or a put down on Passover

Jews against God are celebrated.

Defaming Jewish holidays

Encouraging Israel’s demise

Anti semites at the New York Times?

Definitely not a surprise!

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